Mike Leach demonstrates the shovel pass and makes fun of a couple of former quarterbacks who, for the life of them, couldn't figure it out.

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So, that shovel pass that Washington State quarterback Luke Falk deployed to such efficiency on Saturday night against Montana State?

It’s both easier and harder than it looks, depending on who you ask.

Mike Leach, for instance, thinks throwing a shovel pass is something every quarterback should know how to do, because it’s simply not that hard.

(You have to watch the video below to get the full comic relief of the moment. Hat tip to Lindsey Joy of SWX TV for the clip.)

“It’d be embarrassing if I couldn’t do it,” Leach said Monday at the first of his weekly press conferences.

Falk does it just fine, as he showed in his first touchdown to James Williams in the Cougars’ 31-0 win.

The shovel past has been part of the Air Raid offense for a long time, Leach says, dating back to his Iowa Wesleyan days with Hal Mumme.

“We did it for about 14 years, then it seemed to dry up a little bit and wasn’t as good as it used to be, so we tweaked a little bit. And it’s working good for us now,” Leach says. “I don’t think it’s an every time deal.  Basically what it amounts to is a draw. We did it for a long time, shelved it for a long time. Now it’s back.”

The reason it was shelved?

Well, there were a couple of quarterbacks who played for Leach at Texas Tech who, despite their best efforts, just could not master the shovel pass.

And this is where Leach gets up to demonstrate how easy the shovel pass is — stick your arm out and turn your wrist — and illustrate how ludicrous it was to him that two of his former Texas Tech quarterbacks simply couldn’t get it.

“I won’t name any names because it’s embarrassing,” the coach says. “Well I had one QB at Tech. He didn’t have that little of hands or whatever. But there’s a ball, and it was always gonna be this weird basketball pass, and just the whole spastic motion in and of itself was both entertaining and disgusting to see on film.

“And there was another QB who followed that guy, he did it the same way. That was the beginning of the end,” Leach said.