Mike Leach is asked if he knows what 'dabbing' is. His response is hilarious.

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Washington State football introduced every signed recruit to its fans on Wednesday by tweeting a customized cartoon graphic of the kid dabbing in a Cougars’ uniform.

The cool graphics were tweeted and retweeted all over the Internet, and even caught the eye of the social media editors at ESPN.com, who put up this post on the Cougars’ unique way of announcing their signees.

So naturally, at WSU football coach Mike Leach’s press conference on Wednesday, he was asked if he knew what dabbing was. This hilarious exchange ensued. (Video comes from SWX Right Now-Sports in Spokane.)


Off the screen, WSU Sports Information Director Bill Stevens is heard showed Leach a clip of dabbing — otherwise known as Cam Newton’s touchdown dance gone viral.

Leach: “Oh, it’s like a cover-your-face salute thing? Like you’re sneezing? Do you move much. … I need to get out more. I’ve been recruiting for the last several months, so that will be the first thing I get right on.”

Later on, the coach made another reference to dabbing, except this time he called it “dipping.”

Guess he won’t be pulling a Jim Harbaugh any time soon.

And the man who made The Dab a fad? He’ll be playing in Super Bowl 50 this Sunday against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.