ESPN put together an entertaining feature where they asked a number of college football coaches to name three passengers they would want to go on a road trip with. WSU's Mike Leach stole the 1-minute show.

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ESPN released a video clip Wednesday in which they asked a number of college coaches one big question: Which three people would you take on a long road trip?

Of course, this is the sort of question that WSU football coach Mike Leach loves to answer. Open ended, non-football related, and just… off the wall. So predictably, Leach stole the minute-long show.

“Jesus” and “my wife” were two of the most popular answers, though Colorado’s Mike MacIntyre — strangely — wants the company of Chevy Chase. Of course Leach quips, “Chevy Chase? Who said that?”

Oh and apparently Utah’s Kyle Whittingham is a fan of Reese Witherspoon, Bill Murray and Abe Lincoln.

Washington’s Chris Petersen wants to take President Barack Obama with him (of course, there’s a clip of Leach leading up to Petersen’s declaration, where he asks, “Oh, who said Obama?”), while Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez wants to ride with the great Vince Lombardi, Stanford’s David Shaw picked Martin Luther King, and Arizona State’s Todd Graham picked Pat Tillman, the war hero and former Sun Devil football player.

Petersen, apparently, also thinks quite highly of Leach because he picked Leach as one of his three road trip buddies. (Imagine Leach, Petersen and Obama in the same car?)

Leach’s final selections? “God, of course!” and:

  1. Geronimo the Apache Warrior
  2. Blackbeard the Pirate
  3. Winston Churchill.

Bet you saw that coming, huh?

That makes four, not three, passengers, but we’re assuming God doesn’t ride in cars.