At Pac-12 media day on Thursday, WSU coach Mike Leach talked about Pokemon Go!, zombies, milestones and a variety of other topics that are only tangentially related to football.

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The national media loves Washington State coach Mike Leach when they don’t have to ask him football questions because that’s when he’s at his best: piratical, discursive and knowledgable on a variety of random topics.

Here’s a look at what some of the more off-the-wall things Leach said at Thursday morning’s media sessions at Pac-12 media day in Los Angeles.

1 — First, he drank from the largely ceremonial communal water bottle

2 — Then, when asked to deliver an opening statement, Leach began his press conference in customary fashion: “All right. Questions?”

3 — Leach is a world traveler — he visited Cuba this summer, by the way — so of course he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of moving WSU training camp to Australia...


4 — Mental note: Leach hates questions about complacency and milestones.

5 — Leach did, however, seem vaguely interested in the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go!

6 — Leach also had plenty to say when asked if Luke Falk should be considered for the Heisman Trophy

7 — Leach reiterated that he’s all about going for it on fourth down. Because:

8 — It doesn’t sound like Leach is any more a fan of Pac-12 media day’s new date in the middle of July (it used to be at the end of the month) than Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez is.

9 — However, the best Leach moment of media day might have come on Wednesday night, when the Pac-12 Network tweeted a group photo of the Pac-12 football coaches and their wives that showed Leach staring intently at the football in his hand.

This prompted lots of “caption this photo” activity on Twitter.

Meanwhile, it appears that the national media is discovering what the WSU media has known for a while now: senior receiver and Venice, Calif. native Gabe Marks is a Mini-Leach, in that he says whatever comes to mind, is not shy about expressing his opinion, and doesn’t care what you think of him.

Marks’ big reveal: Luke Falk was the biggest key to WSU’s success in 2015.