According to Reddit's college football community, Washington State is the most popular football team in the state of Washington

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Do Cougar fans in the state of Washington outnumber Husky fans? Or are they just more vocal about their fandom on Reddit’s college football community?

That’s up to interpretation, but fans of Washington State will take joy in the results of Reddit college football community’s newest, of course entirely scientific poll that asks the question, “Which college football team is most popular in each state?”

According to the poll’s results, 46.7 percent of fans in Washington root for the Cougs, while 45.7 percent stand behind the Huskies. Eastern Washington also garnered a small 7.6 percent of the vote.

Still, the total number of respondents from the state of Washington was 197, so, take from that what you may.

After all, according to the results of this poll, Stanford is the most popular team in the state of California, with a total majority vote of 26.5 percent. Not exactly what you might expect from the state that’s home to USC.

Also, take note of the results in the state of Alabama. Apparently, Nick Saban’s team is not the crowd favorite. Hmm, really?