Shalom Luani indicated to police that he was jumped by a group of individuals during the Domino's Pizza incident that led to his arrest for assault

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WSU safety Shalom Luani was arrested on suspicion of assault on Wednesday after allegedly breaking a WSU student’s nose during an altercation that occurred outside a Domino’s Pizza branch in Pullman.

When asked about Luani’s case after football practice on Wednesday, WSU football coach Mike Leach told Dale Grummert of the Lewiston Tribune that there was “nothing to report.”

“Just that we’re working with law enforcement and whatever happens, we’ll handle it internally,” Leach said.

Grummert followed up by asking whether Luani was “indefinitely suspended” and Leach said, “Well, it may or may not be, but I’m not gonna say it. We handle it internally.”

Per Leach’s normal media policies, WSU players will not be available to the press again until weekly press conferences begin next Monday, but Luani took to his Facebook page on Wednesday night to address the Dominos Pizza incident.

In a public post on his otherwise private Facebook account that was presumably geared toward his friends and family, Luani wrote, “I just want to say thank you to all my family and friends for keeping me in your prayers! I know what happened made some of you think wrong of me. I’m very sorry I let you all down, but that doesn’t change who I am.”

Luani also hinted that there might be a different side to the story that police related to the press on Wednesday.

“I’m still the same Shalom, and if you know me you would know I would never fight over something like that. There are two sides to every story, and I just wanted to say I’m sorry and I love you all,” wrote Luani, a senior from American Samoa.

Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant said Thursday that when Luani spoke to the police, he indicated that he had been “jumped for no reason” by seven or eight individuals.

Tennant also pointed out that “this version doesn’t match the victim’s version, the witness version, and/or the employees’ version of events.”

“However, it’s something that we will investigate when we are provided (with) the surveillance video from Domino’s which Domino’s said that they will provide,” Tennant wrote in an email to The Seattle Times on Thursday.