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WSU football

Leach must take responsibility

In reading about all the troubles in the WSU football program, there is one large thing missing: Mike Leach taking responsibility.

It’s the players who are playing bad and having too much fun to win games, he says. It’s the media who is at fault, he says. It’s someone else’s responsibility, he says.

Obviously, something in the way he’s coaching now is out of whack.

Own up to your own faults, Leach, and maybe something positive will come out of it.

Richard B. Ellenberger, Normandy Park

UW football

‘Cupcake’ games not boring

In his Sept. 11 column, Matt Calkins bemoans the Huskies playing cupcake opponents to start the season because he apparently finds these games stupefyingly boring. He longs for the days when the Huskies hosted teams like Nebraska and Notre Dame. I can honestly never remember being more excited during early-season games than I was while watching John Ross score three long touchdowns against Rutgers or Jake Browning throw five touchdowns against Idaho.

Calkins also argues that Power 5 schools would have an advantage for playoff spots based on strength of schedule. Given that statement, a quick check of the banner across the top of the Sports Page revealed that on the same day the Huskies played Idaho, the other teams ranked in the top 10 played football powerhouses Western Kentucky, Troy, Charleston Southern, Tulsa, Central Florida, Lamar, Nicholls and Akron.

Lastly, the 1991 national champion Husky team beat cupcake Toledo 48-0 at home and cupcake at that time, Kansas State, 56-3 at home. Maybe some Husky fans found those games boring. I didn’t.

Raymond S. Wilson, Bellevue

‘Cupcake’ games not worth watching

Doug Glant’s letter (of Sept. 11) presents a false choice — and a pessimistic outlook — for UW football fans: a win over a cupcake, or a loss against a highly-ranked opponent.

How about a win vs. a highly-ranked opponent? Washington’s best season (1991) was marked by a thrilling win at No. 9 Nebraska, and there have been many others over the years, home and away.

From a fan’s standpoint, these games against FCS teams and other cupcakes aren’t worth watching. It’s one reason I gave up my season tickets. Kudos to Matt Calkins for his column on this topic.

Matt Withee, Marysville


Lacking unity on the field

As admirable as the pre-game unity demonstration may have been, I wondered if the Hawks forgot to unlock arms once the game clock started?

But going in, most in the know knew this game wasn’t going to ever make it into any NFL films archives cellar. Just too many unknowns.

So, what did we find out after AAA fixed the flat in an uninspiring comeback victory?

Either Miami is better than we thought, or unity works better in the workplace than off it.

Creig Hamstad, Kenmore

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