The Huskies have run the fewest plays in the Pac-12 so far, but they're making the most out of them.

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No one is doing more with less than the Washington Huskies.

UW’s offense has run the fewest plays of any team in the Pac-12 — averaging 59.3 plays per game through four games — and still the Huskies rank third in the conference in scoring at 44.5 points per game.

That averages out to 1.33 plays per point scored this season, making the Huskies the most efficient offense in the nation, according data compiled by SportSource Analytics.

Miami ranks second nationally with 1.37 plays per point, followed by Oklahoma, Maryland and Oklahoma State. Stanford (1.48) and Oregon (1.56) also rank in the top 10.

This isn’t new territory for the Huskies, who also had the most efficient offense among all Power Five schools in 2016 (averaging one point every 1.60 plays).

The Washington offense, which set a school record in averaging 41.8 points per game in 2016, isn’t easily defined. The Huskies want to be versatile, unpredictable and “multiple.” They can go fast or go slow. They often use two tight ends, and sometimes have two running backs in the backfield. Jake Browning is usually in shotgun formation, but he will go under center, too.

“It’s a well-oiled machine right now,” said former UW quarterback Damon Huard, now a UW radio analyst. “We’re able to do all these different personnel groupings, and all these shifts and movements and motions and changing up the cadence and check-with-me plays, and I think there’s some RPOs (run-pass-options) in there.

“And you were to ask me: What is our offense? Our offense is everything. And a lot of ways, each week we can do different things. We can be up-tempo if we want. We can muddle huddle. We can slow it way down. We can do whatever we want with the talent and personnel we have and the trigger man in Jake Browning.

“It’s a fun thing to watch right now.”

Using the same data SportSource Analytics, UW’s defense also ranks as one of the most efficient in the nation. Through four games, the Huskies are allowing one point every 5.98 plays — the same figure as Alabama’s defense. UW ranks No. 1 in the Pac-12 in that statistic.

Team … Plays per point
1. Washington … 1.33
2. Miami … 1.37
3. Oklahoma … 1.39
4. Maryland … 1.43
5. Oklahoma State … 1.48
6. Stanford … 1.48
7. Central Florida … 1.48
8. Oregon … 1.56
9. SMU … 1.56
10. Kansas State … 1.57

Source: SportSource Analytics