Browning: "We haven’t won a big-time bowl game since I’ve been here."

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Washington QB Jake Browning met with the local media after practice Tuesday. Here’s some of what he had to say:

(on prep for Fiesta Bowl now that school is over for the year) “It’s been going good. We got a couple good days of practice in, and we’ve got one more here before we go home (Wednesday for holiday break). This is the best time of the year. You’re just playing football and you don’t have school or anything like that. You get to go home and see your families for a little bit, but then you get right back to it. We’re excited to play Penn State and excited to go to Arizona.”

(You were on a similar stage last year, but how important to win this one?) “It was great going to the playoff last year, but we didn’t win it. So it’s like, what’s the point of going if you’re not going to win? The Fiesta Bowl and all that, we’re happy to be playing in it and we want to end on a better note. As far as my career, all we’ve won is the Dallas Bowl. To say that ‘Oh, we don’t have anything to play for because we lost two games …’ We haven’t won a big-time bowl game since I’ve been here. That’s not any disrespect to the Dallas Bowl; that’s just how it is. The Fiesta Bowl is a big-time bowl game and we want to win it.”

(on Penn State’s defense) “They play really physical. They throw a lot of different looks at you. A lot of experience and they’re able to handle a lot of different looks. Usually you play team that throw as much stuff at you as they do they’ll blow coverages and things like that, but they don’t really do that. So you can tell they’re well-coached and they’ve been in that system for awhile and feel comfortable with it.”