Huskies to have their first scrimmage of camp Saturday at Husky Stadium for invited season-ticket holders.

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Here’s everything Chris Petersen said after Thursday’s practice at Husky Stadium:

(Third week of fall camp) “I know it is (the dog days) … but that was a real spirited practice right there. And I think they’ve done a really good job of pushing through the hard part – dead legs. I think they’re doing a great job with the recovery methods that we have around here. As much as anything, it is probably mental. They go out there, the play with energy, and encourage each other. It changes the whole dynamic of practice. So it’s good. We like it. I am pleased with how they are pushing through.”

(on team nutrition) “It all matters when we’re playing who we play. We’re splitting hairs – a detail here, a detail there – and certainly it is the analogy of the race car: You’ve got these guys who get in shape, the best shape of their life, and you put this average fuel in them. Eventually that is going to matter. And I think our guys understand that. I think we all know, you can’t outwork them with a bad diet. You can work your tail off, but you are not going to outwork a bad diet. They understand that concept now – understanding it and being able to get the discipline to eat correctly every day, that is another thing. That is a work in progress. But it’s something that is in their face every day – something they pay attention to. We are making good progress there.”

“I’ll go back to saying I’m caught right in the middle, because if one side is being more consistent the other side is not. I think overall we’re making progress. I really do. We’ll get a chance to play real football here in two days and scrimmage a little bit. That changes everything from just reloading – a play was a bust, a play was really good, whatever. You can bring it back and see if we can sustain some things and that has to do with consistency.”

(Is the scrimmage a determining factor moving forward toward the start of the season?) “I think more than anything, I think it has to do with tackling and breaking tackles. The way we practice, I think you get a really good indication where somebody is so I don’t see this scrimmage coming out and breaking or making somebody. It kind of punches some holes in maybe where we’re a little bit deficient, where a player is deficient. That’s what I really think about it. We need to do that. It’s always that first game where, okay, everything is live, everything counts and you’re going ‘how did that happen.’ The more live reps we get with everything, that matters.”

(How many live snaps do you plan on doing?) “You know, we’ll get everybody some live snaps. That I know, so it will be in the upper-80s to 100, somewhere around there. So we’ll go.”

(Are there a couple particular things, especially for younger players, that you are continually harping on?) “Tackling. Without question. You have to get yourself in the right position to start with, which is what we’re doing every single day. Then comes the finish part, the full speed part, and things do change in that last six to eight inches in terms of tackling. That’s what we’ll see on Saturday, where we are on that. It also has a lot, it’s one chance for our running backs. Our running backs, the other guys, they don’t like the quick whistle as much as anybody. They think they’re breaking every tackle that’s out there. Well we’ll find out real soon.”

(on Salvon Ahmed) “He’s done a great job, especially with us kind of moving him around a little bit. That’s hard for anybody to do but he’s done a nice job. I think that’s why Saturday will be fun, to see if he can put some consistent football together. The guys that put the consistency together and don’t just flash are the guys that we start to get real, real excited about. He’s done a great job so far.”

(on K.J. Carta-Samuels brimming with confidence in camp …) “He should be brimming with confidence. He’s played well. He’s done a really nice job. Really proud of K.J. He comes to work every day to get better and it is showing up. He’s made some really big-time plays. You can’t fake confidence. You have to earn confidence through your execution and all your hours you put in, and he’s done both of those things. His confidence should be high because he’s showing it every day he goes out there.”

(on young QBs Daniel Bridge-Gadd and Jake Haener) “It’s flashes, you know. And so for the quarterback position, as much as anywhere, it’s about consistency. That’s where it’s glaring and can crush you in a hurry. You can make three really nice plays and then one that just crushes everybody. They’re learning and making progress.”

(What like about ESPN’s “College GameDay” experience?) “I do like it. It’s interesting for us, when you’re involved in it, you’re not really involved in it as a coach and a player. You feel the buzz around you. I think it’s great for college football. It’s great for your fans, especially on that home field. That’s awesome. There’s a lot of excitement and it’s part of the pageantry of college football.”