Petersen had a "friendly" chat with Pac-12's Larry Scott before the game Saturday night.

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Here’s some of what Washington coach Chris Petersen had to say after the Huskies’ 38-7 victory over California late Saturday:

(Opening) Loved the first half, really like how our defense played the entire game. We challenged them pretty good this week, we have a lot of respect for Cal and what they’re doing down there. Those guys are heading in the right direction. I’m pumped for our defense, but we turned it over on offense so we didn’t get the shutout. Cal definitely earned those turnovers.

(on UW’s defense) I think it starts with that D-line. I think if we can make someone kind of one dimensional, it changes the game. Rush yards were backwards for most of the time. We got some pressure on the quarterback when he tried to escape out of there. Coach K called a good game blitzing them. We covered them pretty tight for the most part.

(on pressure on Ross Bowers) There is a lot of scheming and dreaming during the week. I know we challenge those guys pretty well. They played well. They answered. I thought our whole team did in that first half. The third quarter was a little frustrating on offense. It was kind of uncharacteristic. We will look at film and see while those guys made the mistakes.

(on Hunter Bryant) We had a few more plays for him this week. We’re trying not to overwhelm him. The guy is very athletic. He catches as well as any guys on the team. Hopefully this is a confidence builder for him. His touchdown was pretty impressive. I couldn’t see it at all during the game, but I caught it on the replay. He kept fighting. Heck of an effort on his part. Hopefully we see more of that.

(on state of UW’s kicking game) Punted well. The ball had good hang time. I think he did what Cal wanted to do to us, hang it up there. I feel bad for Tristan that he didn’t make it. These kids take it really, really seriously. They were very clean this week. We’ll just keep working.

(on brief meeting with Pac-12’s Larry Scott before the game about late kickoffs) It was friendly. … I think we just need to move on to a new topic. Let’s pick something next week that we can really care about. I think we beat this one up enough.