Petersen: "There’s some really good flashes of working hard and improvement. Flashes. If we can really do that for two hours, we will make great progress."

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Here’s the transcript of Chris Petersen‘s media availability after Monday’s practice:

(On practices so far) “We’re making progress in terms of working hard. There’s some really good flashes of working hard and improvement. Flashes. If we can really do that for two hours, we will make great progress. From here on out, for the next couple weeks, it’s going to be sporadic in terms of execution, because we keep adding things on. We’ve got a lot of young guys getting in the mix and they’ve shown flashes, so there will be flashes. But I think the most important thing is really understanding our work ethic and then with kind of that whole-part-whole teaching method, where we put it in, they don’t have a lot of detail – some guys do, a handful, but most don’t – then we’ll clean it back up and get after it again. That’s what goes on for the next couple weeks.”

(Did Jake Browning take a step forward today?) “I have no idea. You guys sit up there and watch those guys. I’m watching 105. You tell me. Did he?” (I thought so) “OK. That’s good to know. I can’t wait to put the tape on.”

(Does my opinion mean anything?) “Absolutely not (laughs). No, that’s good. That’s really a truth – I see flashes out there of certain guys and not until we can go back in and really analyze everything. I’m watching them (throw) routes on air, and if that ball is complete but not right where we want it, then that’s really not a good rep to me. So we’ll go back in and really look at all that stuff.”

(Did you see Trey Adams and Connor O’Brien get into it?) “I didn’t. I was at the other drill. But all I know is, I like energy right now. If it gets too frisky, we’ll back that down a little bit. But it’s good energy.”

(What’s the difference between splitting into two practices and going full-squad?) “It’s awesome to split it up. It wears everybody down quickly, but everybody gets a lot of work, and then when you come all together, it’s a little bit sloppy again. A lot of guys standing around, a lot of guys in the way. So we’ve got to kind of clean that up, like how we want practice to look – just where we’re standing, how we’re paying attention. And really, I think all those little things matter.”

(Is there any rhyme or reason for all the shuffling on the D-line) “No, there really isn’t. It’s really just (to) get a lot of guys reps. This is a seating chart across the board. Certain guys have earned the reps up to this point, but even though they’ve earned them it’s still a seating chart. I hope we’ve got a guy who (is) three or four deep (now and) in about a week and a half all of a sudden he’s getting (more) reps. That’s good for all of us.”

(on if he would like to see one of the QBs start to separate by end of this week or next) “Yes, but that’s not going to happen. The guy that completes more passes than anybody right now is Tony Rodriguez. Every time he gets in there, the ball’s complete. So we’ll look at that. Maybe he needs more reps. Everybody’s getting evaluated.”

(Are you trying to some guys at new positions — noticed Andrew Kirland at left tackle) “The O-line, it is like all position. It really is. That’s going to be juggling. There’s too many young guys, too many new guys. Kirk’s been here awhile, but he’s still new in terms of playing time. So that combination is going to continually work for the next couple weeks. And when you see a guy (at a spot) for a week, don’t think that’s set because it’s not, I’m telling you.”

(Any other experiments position-wise?) “I will tell you this — you guys know about more of that than me because I don’t waste … the position coaches’ time worrying about what it’s going to look like. I just want guys getting reps. In a couple more days, if some guys deserve more time and I see something, I’ll say ‘Why isn’t this guy getting more time?’”

(on timeline for redshirt decisions) “That could even go three games into the season. Heck, we could go six games into the season; we don’t like it then, but it really can be. There might be another couple weeks where we say, ‘He’s playing as long as he stays healthy.’ Might be some other guys three games in where we say, ‘We need him.’”

(Budda’s sick?) “Yeah, he’s good. He’s in.”

(Any word on Deontae Cooper?) “So Deontae, Brian Clay – this is really good news, kinda – they are finishing grad school this week. They won’t be out until the end of the week.”

(Any more walk-ons earning scholarships right now?) “At this point, no.”

(Do you have any available?) “At this point, no. Uh, no. Ah…I don’t know. I need to check that.”

(Travis truly a BUCK right now?) “Yeah…that position is a hybrid – good player that can rush and drop and that’s what we’re doing. We’re taking really good athletes that we think can do a combination of it. It’s a little bit like that tight end position. You like that tight end that’s about 6-5, runs about 4.4, catches everything, can set the line of scrimmage – those guys are hard to find. They are kind of hybrids, really. Same thing on defense at BUCK. I would equate that to the same thing. It’s really hard to find that guy that can do it all. Whoever can do it all the best – pass rush, drop, play in space – that’s kind of the BUCK. So we’re looking at different guys.”


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(Shane Bowman a defensive end?) “Shane Bowman, he’s a hand in the dirt guy.”

(Seeing benefits to using Kevin King as a corner?) “Absolutely. I think about Kevin and some of our defense…even Budda. Budda could play corner. So those guys are going to get moved around. We’re going to try to find our best combination. It’s not just your best four; we need eight guys to get through the season, minimum. So we’ll move those guys all around.”