Also, Dwayne Washington scored a touchdown in his NFL regular-season debut.

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Tani Tupou, an undrafted free agent, made his debut as the Seahawks’ rookie fullback on Sunday, playing 10 snaps in Seattle’s 12-10 victory over Miami. Beats a day of playing “carpool mom” for his Husky teammates.

Tupou was one of Washington’s most respected senior leaders last season, and UW coach Chris Petersen said Monday he’s happy for the Huskies’ former starting defensive end.

“I think it’s great,” Petersen said. “I have a hard time describing him because I think that kid, he grows up in this area to come to Washington and then gets to play for the pro team … and what he meant to the team (at UW last year). Just taking care of so many of the younger players. It was amazing. It’d see him — he had this van and it’d be loaded with players. He was like the carpool mom, taking guys around. He did so many things that guys appreciated and respected, let alone played and practiced really hard.”

Former UW running back Dwayne Washington, a seventh-round draft pick, also made his NFL debut on Sunday, and scored on a 1-yard TD run on his second pro carry in Detroit’s victory over Indianapolis.

“Dwayne’s such a physical, fast, explosive player — and that’s what that league’s all about,” Petersen said. “So it doesn’t surprise me that he made that team.”

Another undrafted free agent, Cory Littleton, is set to make his NFL debut with the Ram on “Monday Night Football.”