Plenty has been and will be written about how UW and Ohio State match up on the field in the Rose Bowl. This is not that. Instead, let's take a lighthearted look at how the schools compare off the gridiron.

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We’ve had plenty of dissection and analysis of the upcoming Rose Bowl, but this is plenty more than just two football teams playing each other, it’s school vs. school, city vs. city.

This story will leave the X’s and O’s of game analysis to others. This is about something much bigger. Let’s break it down.

Biggest ego?

#9 HUSKIES vs. #6 OHIO ST.

Tuesday, Jan. 1 | 2 p.m. | ESPN

Why do Buckeyes always have to say The Ohio State University when no one in the world would be confused if they left out the The? On the other hand, it seems no one around here knows or cares that UW could also represent the University of Wyoming and the University of Wisconsin. And it often gets shortened to “The U” in Seattle and everyone knows what school you are talking about, which seems a bit unfair to Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University.

Edge: UW

Best fight song

Ohio State has two lines I swear I saw in the first book I ever read when I was 4: “Hit them hard and see how they fall. Never let that team get the ball.”

Washington’s fight song includes “It’s harder to push them over the line than pass the Dardenelles”

I’m pretty sure there is not a 4-year-old around who could tell you what the Dardenelles is (a narrow strait in northwestern Turkey) much less pass it.

Edge: UW

Famous sports figures

Ohio State boasts Jack Nicklaus and … game over. That’s enough to win, even without throwing in George Steinbrenner and Bobby Knight.

Edge: Ohio State

Campus landmarks

Ohio State has the Oval, a great place to hang out and home to the “Five Brothers,” a circle of oak trees honoring the lives of five Ohio State students killed in World War I.

Washington has Red Square and the Suzzallo Library, but also the 1936 Husky Clipper that was rowed to a gold medal in that year’s Olympics in Berlin.

Tiebreaker: Ohio State has five markers indicating the path of the Underground Railroad through campus.

Edge: Ohio State

Most annoying fan base

This one isn’t even close. If you are bored, search “most annoying and worst fan bases” and Ohio State is always near the top of the list. It’s tough to act arrogant and picked on at the same time, but Buckeye fans have mastered it. That’s not to say UW fans can’t be annoying, too, but this one is a rout.

Edge: Ohio State

Campus vending machines

Ohio State recently got a bacon vending machine that sells cooked bacon strips and bacon bits for $1 during finals season, with proceeds going to the university’s meat science program.

At Washington, you can’t get bacon out of a machine.

Edge: Ohio State

City name

Seattle was named after the great Chief Sealth.

The capital of Ohio was going to be named Ohio City but apparently there was a vote around 1815 and Columbus beat Ohio City 22-19. Which could also be the final score of the Rose Bowl.

After hours of tireless research (OK, minutes), I’m still not sure if Columbus honors Christopher, the explorer. (I read one thing that said it was named after Steve Columbus, Christopher’s great, great, great-grandson). But does it really matter?

Edge: Seattle

City zoo

The Columbus Zoo announced the birth of a baby elephant earlier this month.

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo closed its elephant exhibit a few years ago.

Edge: Tie — For cuteness, Columbus. For political correctness, Seattle.

Costco vs. Big Lots!

Costco has grown to 759 warehouses in four continents from its start in Seattle in 1976. Big Lots! has 1,416 stores after getting its start 51 years ago in Columbus.

Tough call here. You can still get a rotisserie chicken for under $5 and a hot dog for $1.50 at Costco, but Big Lots! has the exclamation point at the end of its name and Costco doesn’t.

Edge: Tie (My wife says Costco, my 10-year-old daughter says Big Lots!)

Final tally: Ohio State 4, UW 3, ties 2.

That settled, let’s play some football.