With a raise to $875,000 annually, Pete Kwiatkowski is believed to be the highest-paid assistant coach in program history.

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Washington football coach Chris Petersen will earn an average annual salary of $4.875 million over the next seven years as part of his new contract, details of which were released Tuesday by the UW athletic department.

As part of his new deal, Petersen is scheduled to make at least $34.125 million through the 2023 season. He will earn $4.125 million in 2017 — believed to be the highest salary of any Pac-12 coach — and $5.625 million in the final year of the contract.

As part of the language in the original contract Petersen signed with UW in December 2013, part of the coach’s overall compensation package includes annual payments of $700,000 for “supplemental” pay and $350,000 for a personal rights license (details of which are not spelled out in his new contract).

Petersen can also earn up to $1,050,000 in additional performance bonuses each year, based on the team’s success.

“Chris Petersen represents all of our core values, and has demonstrated success in every area of his program,” UW athletic director Jennifer Cohen said in a news release. “His teams have performed extremely well on the field and have accomplished remarkable things in the classroom and the community. We are very fortunate to have Chris guiding our program and we want to ensure that he and his staff have everything they need to sustain a championship culture here at Washington.”

The Huskies’ seven returning assistant coaches also received contract extensions and pay raises. Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski received a raise to $875,000 annually through the 2018 season, which is believed to make him the highest-paid assistant coach in program history.

Kwiatkowski’s new deal makes him the Pac-12’s second-highest paid assistant coach at a public university. Oregon is paying new defensive coordinator Jim Leavitt $1.15 million a year.

UW offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith received the largest salary increase on his new two-year extension. In January 2016, Smith signed a one-year extension with UW for $440,000. This year, he signed a two-year extension worth $700,000 annually.

The total salary pool for UW’s nine assistant coaches rose from $3.54 million in 2016 to $4.675 million as part of the new deals.

Co-defensive coordinator Jimmy Lake received a salary bump to $650,000, up from $500,000 in 2016. Linebackers coach Bob Gregory received a $60,000 yearly raise to $550,000 annually.

Defensive line coach Ikaika Malloe and running backs coach Keith Bhonapha each received a $50,000 yearly raise to $330,000 annually. Tight ends coach Jordan Paopao also received a $50,000 bump, up to $265,000.

Petersen hired two new assistant coaches earlier this year. Matt Lubick, the wide-receivers coach and co-offensive coordinator, will earn $475,000 annually. New offensive line coach Scott Huff is set to earn $500,000 a year.

All of the assistants are signed through the 2018 season.