The Washington athletic department performed coronavirus tests on 17 athletes who returned to campus this week and those tests revealed zero positive cases, according to a university release.

In four weeks of testing, 157 Husky athletes have been tested and there have been three positive tests (1.9%). Of those three positive tests, just one is an “active positive case.” That unnamed individual is going through UW’s COVID-19 care and quarantine protocols.

Additionally, the release stated that “surveillance testing” is being done on athletes who have previously returned to campus, and those tests have returned zero positive cases as well.

The university declines to name the athletes who tested positive or provide details on which sports they participate in. According to the athletic department’s return-to-campus plan, athletes from volleyball, men’s basketball, men’s soccer and women’s soccer were scheduled to reintegrate this week.

As for UW’s care and quarantine protocols, the athletic department has stated that it will first provide the student who tested positive with appropriate health care. They’ll be required to self-quarantine “for a length of time that our team physicians determine is appropriate to ensure that they’re not spreading viral illness amongst the rest of our athletes and staff,” according Rob Scheidegger, UW’s associate athletic director for health and wellness and head of the department’s COVID-19 operations committee. UW will perform contact tracing and isolate “high contact” individuals as well.

UW’s football program — which began voluntary workouts the week of June 15 — is scheduled to commence mandatory team activities on July 13.