The Huskies' junior receiver has created a curious touchdown celebration.

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As one of Washington’s top Dawgs, Dante Pettis sure has found a curious way to enjoy himself.

Perhaps you’ve noticed Pettis’ touchdown celebration. He’s had many chances to purrfect it lately.

It debuted against Oregon State last month: Pettis, the Huskies’ standout junior receiver, caught a third-quarter touchdown pass from Jake Browning and, as he was enjoying the moment in the back of the Husky Stadium end zone, he pretended to lick the back of his right hand, then rubbed his “paw” on his right cheek.

It’s meow become his go-to celebratory cleanse.

“It’s pretty simple: I love cats,” Pettis said.

Pettis and John Ross III have talked about choreographing other touchdown celebrations together. They’ve had many opportunities to pull one off — their 25 combined touchdown receptions are more than any other receiving tandem in the nation.

“We always say we’re going to try do something,” Pettis said, “but most of the time we get too excited and don’t end up doing it. We just jump and try to dunk on each other.”

As for his favorite pet, Pettis doesn’t own a cat right meow but hopes to get one after the season. “Just too busy during the season,” he said.