Hamdan on senior QB Jake Browning: "From maybe an emotional side, he's never too high, never too low. But from a competitive standpoint, he’s always been on fire."

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Washington offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan was made available for interviews after practice Tuesday. Here’s some of what he had to say leading up to the Huskies’ game at No. 17 Oregon on Saturday in Eugene:
(on UW-Oregon rivalry) “This is a really good team. That I know. We just keep going back to, in this conference — how balanced the conference is, week in and week out, taking it one week at a time and get ready to play a really good football team.”

(on crowd noise at Autzen Stadium) “I think this is a mature team that’s been in these situations a lot. But it’s certainly something you’ve got to prepare for and we’ve done so this week.”

(Have you addressed the snap-count issues from late in the Auburn game?) “We’ve made some adjustments there with certain silent stuff, and we’ll go from there.”

(What do you like about the offense here at the midpoint in the season?) “I think we’re doing what it takes to win. I think we’ve got the ability to go in whatever direction we need to go. From an execution standpoint, we’ve been taking care of the football, we’ve been running the ball, playing to our style, so I feel good about that.”

(on Jake Browning’s evolution as a senior) “I think (after) that Utah game, we really addressed some things. I think he’s done a much better job when things do break down, not making a bad play worse. And he seems to be a little more efficient as the year’s gone on, and I think all of that maybe comes with the style we’ve been playing as well.”

(on effectiveness of the QB sneak lately) “I think that’s a mentality play. We always stress that with those guys. They know it’s an opportunity for them to show their physicality and they’ve done a great job with it.”

(on Browning’s competitiveness) “I have never not seen him as a fiery, competitive guy. He’s always been that way. From maybe an emotional side, he’s never too high, never too low. But from a competitive standpoint, he’s always been on fire.”

(How does that show up, beyond The Point at Oregon?) “I think it shows up when things aren’t going well. When things are going well, every quarterback loves it and they’re out there and they’re feeling it. But when things aren’t going well, when everybody is against them, how are they going to respond? I think whether it’s the first quarter or fourth quarter, whether that guy is playing extremely well or made some mistakes, he has that inner confidence to go out and go finish it.”

(on Oregon’s defense in second year with coordinator Jim Leavitt) “He does a great job. They probably play to his personality — they’re always going to be aggressive by nature. They’re going to stop the run, which they do a great job of. And he’s done a great job wherever he’s been.”