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Here’s what Portland State coach Bruce Barnum had to say after his Vikings’ 41-3 loss to Washington on Saturday at Husky Stadium:

(on PSU’s four turnovers) “Brutal. Brutal. Number one, that was a good defense. Those guys are cats. Maximo, my guy, we finally figure out they’re rolling coverage here, we throw a post trying to get some points trying to get some points before we come into the half and a guy hit him at about lightning speed. Pow! We didn’t even see him. Fumble. They did it last week. We see it on film. That’s a fast-ass defense and they strike hard. They caused that one. Quarterback, got to clean that up. Two weeks in a row he’s told me he’s trying to throw the football away. Gets hit, the one they got down in the end zone after the center went down. He gets struck out of the pocket. We can’t have those mistakes. We’re giving away points on turnovers and we’re costing ourselves. That has to be cleaned up. Preseason is over. Big Sky starts next week.”

(not supposed to win games like these) “Yeah, but you know it’s the devil’s nightmare. Win two of them last year and now they expect it, which is a great thing. I’d much rather have it this way than walk in and everybody thinks it’s lambs to slaughter. Because my kids do think we have a chances. And I’m young, I just started a lot of freshmen on defense against that team.”

(on how UW matched up with 2010 Oregon, when PSU lost 69-0 in Eugene) “That year Oregon’s offense I thought was fast; they could score at will. They run inside zone and you’re like, ‘Where’d they go?’ Their defense, they were a fire-zone team. Some people picked up on them, they were able to move the ball and score on them. That was their answer, power, and they wanted to get to the meat and ‘21’ personnel guys. So strong offense, weak defense — not weak, but that’s why they got beat by Auburn. This team, you look at all three phases, they have some special kids. … Then on your special teams, I don’t know about the Pac-12 people, but we weren’t going to kick to those guys. We had sky kicks, we punted the ball out of bounds. I’m not letting those guys touch it. That No. 1 kid (John Ross), he’s got God knows how many (kick) returns. Uh-uh. Tough going through life stupid. Don’t (kick) it to that kid.”

(on wishing better than 34 rushing yards) “That’s brutal. I just read that stat. I’d also like to marry Miss America, but some things never happen. Not against that defense. And I thought we were, the strength of my team is offensive line, it really is. That’s the strength of us in our conference. Going against those guys … they had two D-tackles, we got down by the end zone there, right? We’re about to score when we kicked — I sent Gonzalez out there to save a goose egg which probably pissed everyone off — 99, I forget his name (Greg Gaines), and they’re all good, he picked up my center and he kind of hit my quarterback, my tailback, the ball and he just said, ‘No, you’re not scoring.’ So I’m stubborn and we tried to run it again and he did the same thing. That kid, he looks like a bulldozer. He did it on film. So I said, ‘OK, enough of that’ we’ve got to do something else, either run outside or chuck it, so it turned out bad.”

“His defense (Petersen) came out and handled an offense that’s pretty good in the Big Sky and they chipped away and did pretty much what they wanted against our defense. Now, my defense was getting a little impatient early. Malik settled them down. We were in the right spots. We didn’t always make the plays but we were in the right spots after halftime. I liked how they started to play at the end of the second quarter. That will help us the next eight weeks. It will.”