Video: UW's Sean Constantine, Will Dissly, Dante Pettis, Jordan Miller and Keishawn Bierria explain their pregame rituals.

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Think you’re frustrated by late kickoffs?

Trying being the Washington players sitting around the team hotel all day Saturday, sitting in (more) team meetings, watching other games on TV and passing the time with Peanut M&M’s (in Will Dissly’s case).

The tension and the focus build as kickoff approaches, when some players turn to prayer and others to “Power” by Kanye West. For Jordan Miller, it’s about finding that “dark place” right before kickoff.

In this video by The Times’ Ben Arthur, the Huskies’ Dissly, Miller, Sean Constantine, Dante Pettis and Keishawn Bierria share their pregame rituals ahead of Saturday’s Pac-12 home opener vs. Cal.