AT&T's $49 billion purchase of DIRECTV, approved last week, could open door for Pac-12 Networks to finally reach a deal with the distributor.

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BURBANK, Calif. — The $49 billion domino has fallen. Now the Pac-12 hopes its broadcasting network can finally find its way into more homes.

Since the Pac-12 launched its own network in 2012, the conference and DIRECTV have been at an impasse over the distribution of the Pac-12 Networks, a point of frustration for fans who subscribe to DIRECTV’s otherwise sports-heavy programming.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission approved AT&T’s $49 billion purchase of DIRECTV, a deal that Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott is optimistic will rekindle “positive” negotiations to get Pac-12 Networks on DIRECTV.

“We are delighted that our good partner AT&T successfully acquired DIRECTV,” Scott said Thursday morning at Pac-12 media days. “We’ve been looking forward to this because we have an excellent relationship with AT&T, have now for a couple of years. … They’re a partner of the conference. Their video service, AT&T U-verse distributes the Pac-12 Networks. They’re delighted with it, and obviously, they’ve now got to digest a $49 billion dollar acquisition, but I’m confident we’ll be a priority, and there will be discussions that take place hopefully very soon. I’m optimistic that we’ll have positive conversations.

“I can’t predict what may happen when because those conversations have not been able to take place heretofore. But I’m delighted for our partners, delighted for us.”