In 21 seasons as a assistant coach at Washington, Randy Hart coached some of the most dominant defenses in Pac-12 history.

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When Ikaika Malloe was hired as the Huskies’ defensive line coach in December, one of the first people to call and congratulate him was Randy Hart.

“The nation won’t understand just how many lives that guy has touched,” Malloe said Tuesday. “He really changed our lives. There were things that were way more important than football for him.”

Hart, 67, announced his retirement on Tuesday after 46 years a full-time coach, including 21 seasons as a defensive coordinator and defensive line coach at Washington, one of the longest coaching stints in UW history.

At UW, Hart coached some of the most feared defenses in Pac-12 history, molding the likes of Steve Emtman, D’Marco Farr and Larry Tripplett and many more, and helping the Huskies to four Rose Bowls from 1988-2008.

Malloe was a linebacker at UW in the mid-1990s, and he considers Hart a mentor.

“Randy forced you to reach a limit that sometimes you didn’t even understand,” Malloe said. “But as a coach, he thought he was cheating us out of life (by not pushing them). For him, the answer was always ‘Yes’ (you can). It was never ‘No.’ …

“It’s something I hope to accomplish. Not to be him — there’s only one Coach Hart — but to make a difference in someone’s life like he did for us.”

Hart, who played at Ohio State under Woody Hayes, took part in 10 Rose Bowls as a player and coach, and spent the final six years of his career as the defensive line coach at Stanford.

“I am honored and blessed to have been at so many great places with so many fantastic coaches, student-athletes and fans,” Hart said in a statement released by Stanford. “And for that, I’m one of the luckiest coaches ever.

“I have loved each one of my players, and have enjoyed working with every staff member throughout the years. Everyone has to make this decision at some point in time, and this was the right time for me and my family.”