Lindquist: "Obviously, I want to win the job, but ultimately the goal for us is to win Rose Bowls, and whoever’s the best guy leading the show, that’s who it should be."

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Junior quarterback Jeff Lindquist wrapped up his productive spring by throwing for 237 yards and two touchdowns, including a 71-yard TD pass to sophomore receiver Dante Pettis during Saturday’s spring finale before several thousand fans at Husky Stadium.

Lindquist completed 13 of 16 passes and was intercepted once, by backup linebacker Sean Constantine.

During 11-on-11 team periods, redshirt freshman K.J. Carta-Samuels completed 11 of 12 passes for 123 yards with no touchdowns. Freshman Jake Browning was 11 of 18 for 59 yards with no touchdowns, two interceptions, two sacks and lost one fumble after a sack by Will Dissly.

Some highlights from the 82-play scrimmage periods:

Senior receiver Jaydon Mickens had the other TD reception from Lindquist, a spectacular 37-yard catch near the right sideline of the west end zone.

Senior receiver Marvin Hall threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to junior tight end Darrell Daniels on a trick-play double pass from Carta-Samuels.

Sophomore cornerbacks Darren Gardenhire and Sidney Jones and redshirt freshman Jojo McIntosh each had an interception to continued their solid springs. Gardenhire intercepted Carta-Samuels in the end zone and returned it 100-plus yards for a touchdown, and Jones had a 29-yard to the 5-yard line off a Browning pass.

Dissly was credited with two sacks and a third tackle for loss, Jaylen Johnson was credited with another sack (though I’m sure he had two, too) and Elijah Qualls also had a sack.

Walk-on running back Ralph Kinne had a 2-yard TD run to cap the final series of the day, a drive orchestrated by Lindquist with the No. 2 offense going against the No. 2 defense.

Sophomore tight end David Ajamu had the catch of the day when he hauled in a Browning pass with one hand:

Here’s Lindquist’s reaction after Saturday’s finale:

(on general reaction to final scrimmage) “Today we did some things well. Then again, we did some things not so well. I think this has been a good month for us in terms of developing and growing as a new unit. A lot of pieces to replace from last fall, so far we’ve done a good job of that but still have some work to do.

(on defense …) “Usually, you don’t want to throw it to them, so that’s a start. … The quarterbacks and the offense could have been a little bit sharper today. We’ll watch the film and try to get better.”

(on his personal progress) “A big piece for me was just accuracy. I think I’ve done a lot better this spring. Obviously, there’s still room to improve, there’s throws today I could have thrown a little bit better, but that was kind of my big point of emphasis. I think I’ve come a long way there. In terms of understanding the offense, that’s part of growing as a quarterback. That piece has been a lot better for me this spring.”

(“on improved accuracy) Honestly, throwing with the guys and getting more confident with the guys you’re throwing to is a big piece of it. You can kind of predict where they’re going to be when they run their routes. That plays a big piece in it.”

(on progress as group) “I thought it was great progress. Obviously, I’m kind of the old guy of the group, but the two young guys I thought actually had a really good spring. Jake, Mr. Protégé out of high school, he had a really, really good spring. He picked up the offense really well. I was really impressed by that. K.J. had a great fall running the scout team and he was very sharp this spring also. I think going into the summer the three of us are in pretty good shape going forward.”

(on summer workouts) “I’m sure the coaches know better than I do. We’ll be out here working with the guys and we’ll probably be throwing a couple times a week and just trying to get sharper as a unit.”

(on receivers) “They’ve done a great job. When it came to replacing some senior pieces, we lost Kasen and DiAndre, I think Jaydon and some other guys, everyone’s done a good job stepping up and filling in for those two guys. They’ve done a great job this spring and I’m excited to throw to them later in the summer and in the fall.

(on Mickens’ TD) “That was one heck of a catch, to be honest.

(Was it a 50-50 ball) “I’d like to think it was a little bit better than that. I threw to Jaydon and he made a great catch and brought it down for me. Props to that guy.”

(on interception) “It happens, obviously. I could have thrown a better ball on that. … It’s not something you want to do, but you learn from it, and I know how to fix that next time.”

(on Sean Constantine) “Sean physically has developed really well. Being out there hitting guys and knowing his assignments, he’s doing a great job. But even off the field, Sean is a really great leader for us. He’s really positive, and brings guys along with him. In terms of how he is as a football player, he’s been doing well, but even more so as a leader on this team.”

(“Confidence growing) Obviously, when you play well you put that under your belt and keep moving forward. I’ve had some good practices, but I’ve also had some not very good practices. Again the spring for all of us is about learning and getting better, because we’re not playing any games yet. As we move forward into the summer and fall, that’s when we’ll tighten it up. Where I am right now I’m pretty happy.”

(on fans) “That’s always fun. It’s fun to be out there with the guys, but it’s also fun playing in front of Husky fans. It’s always a good time.”

(on first scrimmage) Obviously, it’s tough to replicate games but that’s as close as we can get, going live. For a lot of guys, it’s good experience going as close to full speed as we can. You can’t do it too much in spring because you want guys to stay healthy, but just doing that is good for us to learn and get better.

(Intensity ratchet) I think guys definitely like it. Obviously, guys are here because they enjoy the elements of football that involve hitting. So when they get to do that guys are always excited to play. I think ideally we’re always focused on every set no matter what tempo we’re going but obviously going live guys kind of crank it up a little bit.”

(Feel it’s your job to win) “I mean, maybe. Obviously, it’s kind of the big hype, the quarterback competition, all that. But I think this spring is more focused on all of us just getting better. In the fall is maybe when the competition will ramp up. We’re not playing games right now. Obviously, I want to win the job, but ultimately the goal for us is to win Rose Bowls, and whoever’s the best guy leading the show, that’s who it should be.”

(on next couple months) “I think it’s just getting out around the guys, throwing with them. I don’t think you can throw enough with your own receivers. That level of comfort is huge. That’s going to be a big piece for all the quarterbacks moving forward. Again, being around the guys and working on the unity of the team and pushing us together as one unit.”

(on chemistry with receivers) “Being with those guys more often makes it a lot better to throw to them. They’re good guys. We always have fun when we got out and play together. I’m excited to move forward with those guys out there.”

(Your responsibility to get the guys together) “We’ll see. I’m going to do what I can, but I’m not going to force myself into a leadership role. If guys want me to do it, obviously I’m happy to do it. As we move forward, that will be a piece that falls into place.”

(on Browning’s maturity) “No doubt. I was really impressed when Jake came in. I kind of took the Papa Bear role a little bit because I’m the old guy of the group and expected to have to tutor him on every little detail. But he’s really sharp. I’ve been very impressed with how well Jake has transitioned to college and gotten used to our new playbook. The speed of the game is a lot different than high school and he’s done a really, really good job with that.”

(Everyone in camp in fall be nice) “That’s always fun. Just getting that full unit together is good for team chemistry and the culture moving forward. You know these are the guys we have and this is who we’re going to move forward with. It’s a pretty neat feeling for all of us to be together and move forward like that.”