Husky Stadium celebrates its 100th birthday on Friday, Nov. 27. And while the stadium can’t host a party of 72,000 this year, there’s still a way to commemorate the milestone.

We asked you for your favorite memories of the “greatest setting in college football,” and you answered. Here’s a selection of some unforgettable fan experiences at Husky Stadium over the years.


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Standing with my dad up on the SW corner looking back over towards the UW hospital where he worked for 35 years before retiring. We took over the account from my parents and this was his last game before he passed away. A wonderful autumn memory with my father.
– Steve Carter

It was high school Band Day 50+ years ago. I met my HS girlfriend, while we were in the NE stands. Graduation took us different directions, but she’s still a love of my life.
– Michael Conklin

I grew up along the ship canal, in the shadow of Husky Stadium. Six Saturdays a year, my neighborhood transformed into a sea of purple and gold. A favorite memory is impossible–it was our playground. We’d sneak in, practicing field goals and celebrating touchdowns. Back then, Seattle, and Montlake, felt like a small town. Someone knew someone who cut Don James’ hair, and I got sideline passes to Pelluer’s two-point conversion to beat Michigan. So many games, but no single moment summarizes a childhood spent in its shadow. Husky Stadium is, and always has been, home.
– Steven Rich


“All I saw was purple!” September 22, 1990, Todd Marinovich quote after UW beats #5 USC 31-0. Having attended 100’s of games before and after, I have never seen the crowd / stadium so frenzied from pre-game coin flip to post game celebration.
-Tracy Payne

I’ll never forget walking with my Dad and Brother from the mezzanine on the visitors side through the tunnel of section 32 and into the stadium for the first time. It was September 1987 and I don’t think I’ve had the same sense of awe since. I was inducted as a Husky for life.
– Mark Bordenet

When the stadium came tumbling down. I was next door just leaving the swimming pool located behind Hec Ed. Suddenly there was a loud scream of creaking coming from the stadium. It sounded like a rusty hinge on car door being closed but 1000 times louder. Then boom down she came.
– Steven Lay

Sep 2000. Huskies beat Miami, held Santana Moss to 1 catch. Tui led the Huskies to victory over the number 4 team. Father in-law was having heart surgery the next week which he didn’t make it through. The joy on his face as we were leaving – was the last time I saw him alive.
– Steve McDowell

My brother and I, in the early 60’s, while in elementary school, bought $6 youth season tickets to UW games. Our parents would drop us off near the stadium on game day, and we’d watch great, physical football. What a wonderful introduction to college football!
– Stuart Jennings

I’ve been at every home game since ’71. But my fondest is still a ’68 loss to Oregon. Not only was I blown away by seeing the stadium for the first time, but it was the only game I attended with Dad, a UW grad and letter winner. He loved the school and passed that on to me.
– Craig Heyamoto


So many memories. First game 7th grader 1958 got it started. Associate Athletic Director Chip Lydum organized a Veteran’s Day salute. All veterans walked around the track at half time behind banners for each branch of the military service. There were some very proud veterans.
– Mike Colacarro

I remember sitting in the old, rickety East End-Zone bleachers with my brother against San Jose State in 1996. Corey Dillon went off for 220 rushing yards with 3 touchdowns right in front of us. He also had an 83 yard TD reception and a 70 yard rush nullified by a phantom timeout.
– Gregory Thomas Hay

I’ve been to every home game since 1980. I’ll pick the 1981 game against USC, played in horrible wind and rain. We scored to take the lead in the fourth quarter, then recovered the next kickoff in the end zone for a TD . Fans wearing garbage bags to stay dry and let them fly.
– Glen Ulmer

Watching Dante Pettis set the NCAA punt return record vs. Oregon in 2017. Sitting in the upper deck, south side you could just feel the anticipation prior to the kick. Then when it all unfolded moments later it was complete pandemonium!
– Thomas L Swanson

I loved the tradition of going to Husky football games with my grandfather. My grandma would pack us a lunch and throw in some snacks so we wouldn’t miss any of the action. My grandpa would listen to bob rondeau through his headphones. The stadium was rocking!
– Scott

The Nov 1981 game against USC with the windstorm. Chuck Nelson’s late FG gives the Dawgs a 6-3 lead, then, with the wind blowing, we recover the kickoff in the end zone (CRAZY) and win 13-3. Unbelievable! The worst weather I’ve ever seen @ Husky stadium!
– John Olson


My dad took me to Montlake in 1967 when O.J. came to town with USC — a team that won the nat. champ that year; the Huskies were down 7-6 until later in the second half when USC pulled away. I remember Ron Yary towering over the Husky captains during the coin toss at midfield.
– Gary

I have many memories, but my most favorite was in 1999. My daughter was a college freshman. Together we watched Marques Tuiasosopo set the NCAA 300/200 single game pass/run record. I recall The Seattle Times Sunday headline “Too Much Tui” or something like that.
– Bill

Let me set the scene! I am one of 3 brothers who grew up 10 minutes from Husky Staium. All three of us went to Husky games in the late 40’s and early 50’s. We would sell Seattle Times papers before the games because we then could get in free at halftime in the East endzone.
– Dave Ederer

I was at the Halloween 1981 game where the first wave was initiated.The guest cheerleader, Rob Weller, was encouraging rows of fans to rise from bottom to top in the student section. recall fans started rising from left to right nearly spontaneously. It continued unabated.
– Mark Kester

Was it 1960 or 1961? We were just kids. Students got the best seats in the north stands, free (!). It was after all, OUR team. I printed a duplicate of my card for my wife. The attendant wasn’t so sure; we explained her name was “Matey'”; a belly laugh and a wink: she got in!
– Matts Djos

So many wonderful memories of Husky stadium since I was a student there during the Sixkiller years and have had season tickets for almost 40 years. My favorite memory is my older brother taking me to the Navy game in 1960 when I was 9. Navy had Heisman winner Joe Bellino on the team. Huskies lost in the end 15-14 for their only loss of the season. I just remember the noise, cheering and excitement of all those people at the stadium. That was the day I fell in love with Husky Football and Husky stadium. Thankful for my older brother for taking his kid brother when he could have taken one of his friends. Husky Stadium, “The Greatest Setting in College Football”.
-ST user (PURP)