The longtime voice of the Washington Huskies will never forget his first game in 1978 and a summer day in 1997.

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As fans count down to Saturday’s final game before the Husky Stadium renovation, we asked some of the people who played, coached, cheered and worked there for their favorite moments.

Today, Bob Rondeau, the longtime voice of the Washington Huskies, recalls his two most memorable days at Husky Stadium. Both are very personal milestones, and one of them didn’t even involve football.

• “Sept. 9, 1978, was a conference opener, versus UCLA, the first Husky game I broadcast. I remember like it has just gone by.

“It was raining and cold that day, but it might as well have been 80 degrees. That’s how exciting it was.

“We lost (10-7), but I remember sitting back in my chair and saying, ‘We did this. We can do this.’ I was wound up for days.”

• “July 26, 1997, the day I married Molly, has to be my perfect day, and my everlasting memory.

“There were 300 of our friends there. Molly and I stood at the 50-yard line. Full disclosure, it was actually Molly’s idea and not mine.

“From a personal standpoint, it was ‘Touchdown, Washington!’ for sure.”

Rondeau, 61, has been the radio play-by-play announcer for Washington football and men’s basketball for 31 years.