UW provides some details on the new $1 million locker room at Husky Stadium.

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Last week, just a couple hours before their first practice of the season, the Huskies got their first look at their new locker room inside Husky Stadium.

“It’s like a spaceship in there. It’s definitely the coolest locker room I’ve ever been in,” defensive tackle Greg Gaines said. “Coach Pete said he’s always been about having a championship locker room, so he wanted to put his money where his mouth was and build us a championship locker room.”

Produced by the design firm Gallagher, the locker room cost roughly $1 million and was covered by a donation from UW boosters.

Here are some highlights on the new locker room provided by UW:

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— 118 custom fabricated lockers featuring
— Powder coated metal exterior including faceted doors and a custom perforation pattern
— Light box header with personalized name and number graphic
— Application controlled LED header and toe kick lighting
— Three 20-foot tall graphic light boxes including seamless integration of flat panel televisions
— Lit acrylic, dimensional lettering with program mantra
— More than 500 feet of graphic prints

Details about on design and fabrication:

— Design hours: More than 500
— Production hours: 6,121
— LED lighting: More than 5,800 feet (or 1.1 miles)
— Metal, wood, acrylic and laminate used: More than 64,500 square feet