After their struggles — particularly on offense — in Saturday's loss to Cal, the Huskies are also eager to get back out and play. UW plays next Oct. 8 at USC.

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Coming off a 30-24 loss to California in their Pac-12 opener Saturday, the Huskies begin their lone bye of the season this week.

With fall-term classes starting Wednesday at UW, the bye comes at a good time for players to get adjusted to their new schedules. On the other hand, after their struggles Saturday — particularly on offense — the Huskies are also eager to get back out and play.

“I think when you play like this on offense, you don’t want a bye; I think you want to go play again with a chance to redeem yourself,” UW coach Chris Petersen said. “But it is what it is, so we’ll use the extra practice time, get some guys hopefully healed up and work on some fundamentals, work on hanging onto the ball and making tackles and try to improve.”

On Monday, Petersen will host his usual press conference at 11:30 a.m. Players are available for media interviews on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Next weekend, the Huskies will begin in earnest game-week prep for their Oct. 8 game at USC for a Thursday prime-time showdown with former UW coach Steve Sarkisian.

After committing five turnovers against Cal, and missing numerous tackles, the Huskies will get back to basics this week.

“It’s not going to get any easier,” Petersen said. “Everybody is really good in this league and you have a new challenge, and that’s the hard thing about having a young team. The scheme’s going to be different the next time we play and so you’d like to go and do it again and try and get it right, but you can’t do that. These guys will come back. It’s way too early in the season. Look at the teams we play, and the kids know that, and it’s like I told the guys last week, ‘This is still about us.’ We have to go back and tackle better; we have to go back and pass-pro better; we have to not fumble to ball, and it’s all the things that we can control.”


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