The bye week is officially over.

But before UW hosts No. 9 Utah at 1 p.m. on Saturday, sixth-year head coach Chris Petersen met the media for his weekly news conference on Monday.

Here’s a full transcript of Petersen’s address.

“We got some good work done. I think guys appreciated last week just in terms of how it went, the time off, the practices we did. Get a chance more than anything is get rested up. A lot of times it’s more healed up or more rested up, probably more rested up. It was good and on to a really good, really good Utah team. Those guys are doing a phenomenal job. Kyle always does. Nothing different. I think He’s playing exactly the style of football in general he’s always wanted to play which is great defense and tough run offense. It keeps defenses off balance with some of the shots they take and those types of things. Big challenge. This team is certainly playing as well as anybody around.”

On Trey Lowe:

“Like I always say, the program is not for everybody.”

On if he was surprised by Trey Lowe entering the transfer portal:

“Like I said, this program is not for everybody. I would be surprised if everybody stayed in this program. We have 110 guys. You’re not going to keep everybody here. You’re just not. If the program is not for them they need to move on.”

On Utah quarterback Tyler Huntley’s improvement:

“Where I think he is really underrated is I think he does a great job in the pocket. As much of a runner as he is, all scrambling quarterbacks they can run, they can break your back when they get out of there. Where I see him doing a really good job is in the pocket. He’s slippery in the pocket and stays in the pocket until he just can’t. That’s probably one of the areas I’ve seen; and I’m trying to think back to last year so I know just watching the tapes this year that’s where I really see him being effective. A lot of times the scrambler guys want to get out of there and run because they can get yards. I just think he has a nice balance and he hangs in there and works the pocket until he needs to go. Sometimes they’ll get their hands on him and he’ll still get out of it and gets the ball off.”

On MJ Tafisi’s status:

“He’s doing well. He’s practicing with us. He’s doing well. He’s certainly on a week-to-week, being smart, but he’s practicing.”


On wide receiver Chico McClatcher:

“Chic’s making progress. Like I told you last time we really thought that was going to be a tough one, but he’s making good progress as well.”

On Aaron Fuller:

“The same. He’s practicing.”

On Jordin Chin being healthy:

“No question. It really is. He’s kind of had a tough path a little bit in terms of some injuries. Every time we thought we could get him going something would happen and he’s had two that have set him back. Sometimes when you get set back like that it can be really hard to get back in the mix. So he has stayed healthy and this has been kind of coming on here the last handful of weeks. I think we saw him make something in the Arizona game was probably the first time, we kind of felt it a little bit before, just the practice vibe, the practice tempo was really, really good. When those guys do that on a consistent basis we always tell them you’re going to get your opportunities in the games and if you make plays you’re going to get more. And that’s kind of his situation.”

On breaking down Oregon film during the bye week:

“We broke down every game. Every single game, we looked at. Backward, forward, sideways. That’s what the bye week does. The coaches don’t sit around. It’s a ground. We looked at all of our tapes, all of our situations. Special teams, everything. That’s a little bit of the beauty of that. Like I said before, that’s a heck of a college football game. We weren’t good enough to make the plays when we needed them. It’s one or two places when you’re playing them like that. You can go back to five plays. We make those, it might be a different outcome. But we didn’t. That’s how it always is when you’re playing evenly matched teams. A lot of admiration for our guys in terms of how hard they played. It’s frustrating because there’s just a couple plays where you’re like, ‘Really?’ We just couldn’t make the plays in whatever phase it was. That’s where we are right now. We’re just trying to get better.”

On Kamari Pleasant running the wildcat:

“Yeah, they’ve all had turns at the wildcat. They all have. At the end of the day, we just kind of thought that he’d do a good job in there. But there’s like game reps. Those game reps really kind of change everything. You’re splitting hair and finding creases quickly and all those type of things. That’s the decision that everybody makes just studying the guys at practice and what they’ve done in the past. Kamari has practiced a decent amount and I think he’s even taken some reps in the past. I’m trying to think about that. Even last year, he had reps practicing it and all those things.”

On if there’s something you like about the other players in the wildcat instead of Ahmed:

“Yeah, yeah there is or we wouldn’t have put them back there. For sure there’s that. Last four years, there’s been one wildcat quarterback. Pretty darn good. And so then you got a new situation and you got two guys going down, you’re trying to figure out what the next best option is. (Kamari) is who we thought the next best option was.”


On the kickoff penalty vs. Oregon:

“We had conversations about it and it is what it is. We had some conversations.”

On what the conversations were:

“Can’t do it. Yeah, can’t do it.”

On the development of Utah’s Tyler Huntley:

“Just another year of experience and a lot of good reps under his belt. The thing that I see is kind of his pocket presence. That’s one of the things that’s so important to us when we pay attention to our quarterbacks. How do we really like operate in that pocket. I think there is an art to that. If you look at the really, really best of the best in the NFL, it is like a work of art in that pocket. I think college guys are developing in those areas. That is one of the areas that I’ve really noticed about him. I have a lot of respect for how he plays in the pocket. Like I said, even though one of the strengths is being able to run, he does a great job in there. It’s pretty impressive.”

On Utah:

“They have one of the best defenses in the country. I don’t know what all the stats are saying and all that stuff, but there is no doubt this is one of the best defenses in the country. They pack the box and they play man coverage. They mix in some zone coverage just to keep you off balance. They do a great job. Bring enough blitz pressures to, you know – got to account for all those different type of things. But at the end of the day then can just line up with good players and guys who are trying to make plays down field. They don’t make many of them down field because they got guys who can cover in the secondary and that’s an awesome combination to have.”

On Ahmed being able to carry the load:

“Well I thought last – I think we talked after the game – was a really good game for him. He did get into a rhythm and I thought a lot of his reads were good. Slowing down, finding what the correct crease is to hit and trying to fall forward. So that was awesome to see. It was really good progress.”

On Cameron Davis playing vs Oregon:

“Yes. We had planned to get him involved obviously. Not a huge part of the game, but to get him going. I think he carried twice and so, it wasn’t like we wanted to put him in for two carries. Sometimes that’s just how those games go. But it was to get him in there and, like I said, we think he can do some good things so we’ll see how this thing goes.”

On Terrell Bynum:

“Same thing. TB, he was really in the mix last year even though he really didn’t get a ton of snaps. There was situational things that we put him in. But he was one of those guys that we keep talking about. He gets a lot of reps in practice, and then just kind of waiting for him to do something when we gave him an opportunity. So he’s had a couple opportunities this last handful of games, and every time we do something he’s done a nice job. He made a couple really nice catches, even though they weren’t downfield a bunch. But they were back shoulder, on his hip. Sometimes those are hard – those little crossing routes – if they’re not (on the numbers) they can be hard to catch. So he’s done a really good job with those things. He’s another guy that we just got to keep going. Keep growing.”


On what else he’d like to see from Hunter Bryant:

“I think he’s making good progress. I think our big thing with him was kind of developing him as a blocker. There’s certain guys that are going to anchor the line of scrimmage and certain guys that are going to be an H-back type blocker. I think that’s one of the areas where we were really interested in seeing him grow in. I do think he’s making really good progress. We do know he can run routes and has exceptional hands and all those type of things. We’ve got some guys. Even Cade Otton has really good hands. So I think (the challenge is to find) unique ways to find ways to get those guys the ball with those other receivers that we’re talking about and just keep progressing as an offense. I think as an offense, playing against Oregon last week, really good defense, there was a lot of strides made on that offensive side. We just got to keep doing it.”

On how the defensive front seven has developed:

“I think there’s some guys in there making some nice strides. I think Levi Onwuzurike is one of the better d-linemen in the conference. I do. I think he can do some things. I think Tuli is doing a nice job. He’s a guy that I look at, that from the start of the season till now, he’s improving and getting better. I think the other guys are still growing. I do. I don’t think anybody has taken a step back or anything. But I think those guys, you can really see it on tape that it’s been good.”

On if any technical adjustments showed up on film:

“Well, yeah. I think there’s a couple handful of things where it’s like, ‘OK, we need to …’ I think every coach analyzes the heck out of their unit first and foremost. It’s like, ‘OK, what’s the one to two things that we have to do better?’ Then I think each side of the ball looks at it as a whole, and maybe that’s the same thing as some unit improvement. You just try to figure out how to improve your group. That’s really what it is – your side of the ball, your group. So certainly everybody has a thing or two that we know we need to do to take the next step around here. But I think the one thing that’s always been good about the guys around here is how committed they are to getting that message. They know. There’s nothing else to do other than study the tape as hard as we ever have and practice as hard as we ever have. And then you’re going to improve. It might not be tomorrow, or it might not be the next day. But eventually, those that don’t back down will get better. I feel the same. I think there are certain guys that are doing an exceptional job of practicing hard, and then they put it on the line in the game and you can see those guys improve. We mentioned some of those guys in here.”

On Quinten Pounds’ availability:

“There’s not. Again, it’s another one of those receivers that we’re talking about. There’s not. I think that’s kind of a tough situation. Here’s a senior that’s done some things for us and he really hasn’t got back in the mix. And he still was a little banged up a couple weeks ago. He’s kind of played through that, and he’s as healthy as he’s been. We just…it’s okay, where do we put him in where there’s these other guys, and that’s really all it is. But he’s working hard.”

On diagnosing issues with third-down conversions:

“That’s a frustrating one, because that is something that we look at, because it’s a little bit frustrating in some…it’s all kind of broken down. Third and really short-yardage, you should have somewhere, percentage-wise. And then you go to third-and-mediums and you should be a little lower percentage…so you kind of look at those things. Some of the things you think you should be pretty good at, we haven’t been good enough at. We just haven’t. We’re trying to figure that out and address that. One thing, you mentioned it earlier, one thing that might have changed us a little bit on third down was when Rich (Newton) went down. He’s an effective runner in those situations, those third-and-medium situations. But we still have a good scheme, we’ve still got guys who can make plays, but we’ve got to get better in those situations.”


On any timetable for his return:

“No, there’s not. He’s making progress. The trainers are still monitoring him. He was out there making some progress yesterday. But there’s still not a hard-set timetable, even in our mind.”

On if Newton is out for the year:

“No. I’m not saying any of that. He’s week-to-week. I’ll tell you guys, if he’s done, I’ll tell you.”

On Sean McGrew:

“Yeah, he’s progress as well.”

On being surprised more people don’t transfer due to the program not being for everybody, how does the transfer portal work into the equation?

“I think it’s all those things. I think it’s the world we’re living in, I think all those things. It’s not any one thing. And you’re going to see more and more of it. I don’t look at it necessarily like it’s a bad thing. If it’s not the right thing, it’s not the right thing. And you move forward.”

On if UW is hamstrung by this new shift because it’s not as easy to get transfers in as easily as other competing schools?

“Yeah, I don’t worry about that. I really don’t. I think there’s enough good players out there in terms of our style of recruiting and how we recruit. We’ve got enough good players on our team right now. Really do, so that doesn’t factor in to our whole thing. Now, is it another part of college football that maybe, certainly a lot of people are paying close attention to? Our quarterback (Jacob Eason), I’m not saying you aren’t going to have one that fits your situation. When it does, awesome.”


On the UW brand in recruiting:

“I think it’s always good. This is an awesome university. Really good football program, so the reception we get is always awesome.”

On Ryan Bowman:

“Bo plays 110 miles an hour every snap, all the time. He’s going to be one of those guys that always takes a pounding out there. So week-to-week, we patch him together and away we go.”

On if he heard anything from the Pac-12 about the final play against Oregon:

“No. Not even something.”