After kicking off Pac-12 play with an overtime win over Cal, here’s everything UW head coach Jimmy Lake said in his weekly press conference on Monday — before the Huskies hit the road to take on Oregon State.

“Good morning. Well first off, again, just extremely proud of our team. They showed a lot of grit, a lot of perseverance. The things we talk about all the time, this beautiful game of football teaches you so much. It was really rewarding to watch our guys grind through a tough game and be able to pull out the victory there at the very end. There were a lot of really exceptional performances in all three phases. And yet, as we watched the film, there’s still a ton to clean up. There’s still a lot of room for growth, a lot of room for development and improvement. That’s what we did yesterday: we went right back to work. Our guys came out to practice and they’re ready to get better. I love the work ethic of this team, and we’re excited to see us come out tomorrow on our Tuesday practice and see how much better we can get. With that, I’ll take questions.”

On what stood out as far as what needs to be cleaned up:

“What stood out the most? It just comes down to execution against a team that’s also really well coached with really good players who also are trying to compete and win the football game as well. You’ve got to give a lot of credit to our opponent. They did a really nice job of executing things against our offense and our defense and our special teams. But it’s just cleaning up those little details that can push us over the top and making sure we’re winning those battles in all three phases.”

On what changed offensively in the second half:

“Well first, it was a really good drive, and then penalties set us back and we ended up having to settle for a field goal (in the first drive of the third quarter). Then after that, we get a big-time turnover, and then we turn right around and we turn the ball over. We fumble the ball, which we don’t want to do that. So that obviously stopped a critical drive there where we could have really extended the lead. Then the resuming possessions after that, it came down to us not converting on third down. That goes to the prior question. We have to execute better. We have to have better details and win those one-on-one battles. Cal did a better job of executing those details on those critical third downs where we weren’t able to convert and move the chains. Because we didn’t reach the red zone again until overtime. After that, those third downs all got thwarted by Cal’s defense and they got us off the field and we had to punt.”

On how cornerback Mishael Powell performed in his first career start:


“So proud of Mish. Two guys that I gave huge props to in our team meeting in the locker room were Mish Powell and Devin Culp: two players thrust into starting positions and expected to play like starters. That’s what we expect for everybody. You never know when your number’s going to get called. You’re always one play away. If you’re a backup right now, you’re one play away from having to go perform and play at a high level like a starter. Mish Powell played like a starter. He’s shown it in practice. He’s shown it in training camp and spring football, that he was willing and able to perform at that level. But you never know how it’s going to be when the lights are shining bright, and I thought Mish played a very good football game for us.”

On how the Cal game can give Devin Culp confidence after having some unfortunate drops in his career:

“Huge confidence booster. We all know what Devin can do, and it has been unfortunate that he’s had some glaring drops over the last couple years. For him to go out there and not have any drops and make some big-time catches, especially early on in that game to get our offense going and get our offense in rhythm and put some points on the board, was a huge boost not only for him but for our football team.”

On how UW’s wide receivers complement each other:

“I’ve told you guys I’m excited about that room. I’m excited that we’re almost 100% healthy. I think they all add different things. The beautiful thing is, they’re all fast. They’re all fast and they’re hard to cover. What I really like is Junior Adams, our wide receiver coach, has put a mentality in that room of toughness and grit. So to say how they complement each other … I just like how competitive they are with each other. They all want the football and they’re all willing to run that route to open up the route for the next guy. They want to make sure that they’re continuing to work to be the best wide receiver unit in our conference. That’s what their goal is and that’s what they’re trying to do.”

On if he got any clarification on the clock issue with the timeout he took late in the fourth quarter:

“Yeah, I got clarification during the game. I’ll just say this: they apologized. The mistake that was made, they immediately said, ‘Hey, that’s our fault. That’s on us, and we apologize.’ So I’ll leave it at that.”


On Dylan Morris throwing balls away in the second half and if he was moving through progressions well enough:

“Throughout the game he did a really good job of going through his progressions and getting the ball where we needed to get the ball. You guys saw those explosive plays that we had early in the game and moving the ball and putting points on the board and those touchdown throws. But there was definitely some plays in the second half where we — starting with me — have to make sure we give him a good plan to get the football to an outlet to get positive yards and take a profit. Unfortunately we weren’t able to do that. Every once in a while that’s always going to happen. That always happens in a game. They’re going to cover every single route. They’re going to cover our check down and now we need to scramble with our legs and get rid of the football so we don’t take a sack. But we definitely can’t have as many as we had in the second half — those throw-aways that you mentioned. We can’t have that. That’s one of the things we need to get better at.”

On the thought process on third-and-2 pass to Jalen McMillan on last possession of regulation:

“Again, starting with me, we’ve got to get our guys in better position to make the play to move the chains. We needed to move the chains there, and that’s on me. We’ve got to make sure we have a play that’s ready to get 2 1/2 yards to move the chains and keep possession. And so, the thought process definitely was we need to move the chains, keep our offense on the field, keep a good drive going so we can go down and win the football game in regulation.”

On adding Sean McGrew to the team’s leadership council:

“He’s done a lot. One of the biggest things that stands out is, and what we always talk about with our whole team is there’s certain points of the year where we tell guys, hey, this is going to be your role for the team, now you may not like it, but you’ve got to continue to work to try to elevate your role. And that’s all Sean has done since spring football. Probably wasn’t getting the reps that he wanted at running back, but all he did was he just continued to work, continued to work and continued to show that he needed to be on the football field. He showed us on special teams. He showed us on offense. Came into work every day with a smile on his face and was willing to put in the work wherever it was needed. So that’s one of the biggest reasons why we elevated him to the leadership council. He showed how a teammate should act when maybe you get information in a role that you don’t agree with.”

On how Brendan “Bookie” Radley-Hiles played against Cal:

“Bookie, he played well. He played extremely well. You guys saw he got a little banged up there. We’re hoping to get him back here. Probably will. But, with his performance while he was out there, he took another step in his game. He plays good coverage. He’s a really good blitzer. He causes problems out there. He’s a football player. He’s a football player. And his preparation has gotten better every single week, the way he takes notes, the way he communicates information to his teammates, you can tell he’s doing his homework and it’s gotten better every week and I expect it to get even better this week.”


On how is important is it for the offense to stay ahead and maximize each drive:

“Our job, we want to score points, for sure. We want to score points. You’re talking about Oregon State’s offense, very explosive, Smitty (coach Jonathan Smith) and (offensive coordinator Brian) Lindgren do a heck of a job. They have really good players. Their quarterback is playing really well right now. I think the last three games they’ve scored over 40 points a game. Very explosive. So that’s more of the role of our defense. Our defense has got to make sure we’re trying to limit them. And then of course on offense we want to be effective and efficient and move the ball and score points as well. But, we’re not talking about keeping up. I would rather them not score and us score points, how about that?”

On how tight end availability impacted play calling in the second half:

“Whether it’s right before the game or during the week of preparation when we’re going to miss out on guys, on either side of the ball, we have to make sure we have a plan ready to go. And then obviously in game, whether you get injuries, like Lars just mentioned with Bookie, or whoever it is, that definitely impacts what calls can we make where we’re putting players in position to make plays. Whether it’s us on defense or us on offense. So that’s part of football, though. That’s part of football. We have all of these plans in place to make sure we have calls ready. And we know we’re not going to go into a game, or during a game, come out 100% healthy.”

On if Richard Newton not playing was health-related:

“So, he was definitely banged up. Yes, that is correct. He was banged up and we had to limit him during practice all week long. He was going to be more of an emergency option for us on Saturday. And so thankfully we got out of there with a win and didn’t have to put him in harm’s way. He’ll be good to go this week.”

On Trent McDuffie’s status:


On McDuffie getting injured as a returner and whether he will continue to play his best players on special teams:


“We play our best players on special teams. That will always be the case. He is a threat back there as a returner. We know it affects game planning for our opponents. We’re trying to win football games. And our players know this, but the first question we get asked usually when the NFL scouts come around, they say, does so-and-so play special teams? Special teams is a huge part of the game, and we make a huge emphasis on it. Our players fight to get on special teams, from our starters to our backups. Usually the No. 1 message I get is, ‘Coach, how can I get on kickoff? How can I get on punt?’ From everybody on our team. Special teams, we make it — and it is — an extremely important part of our team.”

On what has allowed the defense to get more pressure and sacks the past two games:

“It goes back to us being able to stop the run, and then for our offense to score points. It goes hand-in-hand. If we can stop the run, our offense is scoring points, that makes our opponent try to throw the football, and then here we go. And that’s how you get sacks, that’s how you get turnovers, make it so they can’t play conservative.”

On Faatui Tuitele recording sacks in two consecutive games:

“Yeah. Faatui. Love the way he’s playing right now. He practices at a high level, so you know he’s going to excel when the lights come on Saturday. He has a great look in his eye pregame warmup. He’s locked in and focused. Faatui is definitely a player where you can see the growth and development every single week and even year to year. He’s playing really good football for us right now.”

 On Sean McGrew wanting to throw out of the wildcat:

“Heck yeah. Might happen this week.” 

 On if McGrew can throw:

“Yes, he can. He can throw. He can spin it, so better be worried about that. He might hand it. He can throw it. He might hand it, get it thrown back to him, run it. You can print it all. I want our opponent to read all of that. He can do all of it.”


 On Cameron Williams playing safety with both hands taped up:

“It was such a big-time play. That’s why my opening comments there talking about grit, perseverance, toughness. Being able to deal with pain and have a pain threshold. Again, this is part of football. You’re never going to feel 100 percent healthy. It’s not only his hands are hurting, there’s other parts of his body that are hurting as well. For him to go in there in a huge situation and plow his shoulder into the running back and pop that ball loose was just a really good example of showing grit and perseverance. Hopefully we just keep getting him more healthy and more healthy so he can use more of his hands – his right, his left hand. But just an extraordinary tough play by Cam Williams.”

 On what was the most impressive part about Kyler Gordon’s game:

“Ooh, he had some moments now. Obviously the two interceptions. The NFL catch toe-tapping with two feet in bounds. That fourth down play, that fourth down tackle that he had was very impressive as well. I think the last time I was up here I was talking about how we don’t have any cover corners. We have football players at corner, and that shows you right there. We have football players at corner that are willing to go in there, stick their shoulder in there. Make tough, physical catches. But also, fast and quick enough to cover the fastest receivers in college football. Those three plays obviously stand out but he had some other awesome plays as well.”

On if Lake needs to recruit Gordon to return for the 2022 season:

“We don’t do that. No. If the information says that he should leave, and he can’t improve his value, I tell them to leave. Just like I told Byron Murphy, Budda Baker, Taylor Rapp. I said ‘I’d love to have you, but you need to go. You need to go chase your dream. They’re saying you’re going to be picked in the top 32’. So, with any of our players, if that information says they’re going to be in the top 32 or early second. After talking it over with their families and them, if the information says they should leave that’s what I’ll tell them. If the information says they need to come back and improve their value I’ll tell them that as well.” 


 On the competition in practice between receivers and defensive backs:

“It was very heavy in training camp and obviously back to spring football. As the season progresses its more scout team now. They don’t really face off against each other as much now. Now our receivers are seeing an Oregon State look and our defense is seeing an Oregon State offense. So, they don’t face off against each other that much now as we get into the season part of it. You’ll have to wait for that competition in 2022 when we get to spring football.” 

 On it being helpful to have a high-level scout team:

“Yeah. We have really good quality young players on both sides of the ball that aren’t starters right now that’ll end up being starters for us. No question the competition is great and it’ll make everyone better.” 

 On what makes Oregon State running back B.J. Baylor effective:

“Well first, what makes him effective is their scheme and their offensive line is blocking really well. They look all in tune. (Offensive line) Coach (Jim) Michalczik, who I know, he does a fantastic job. And then getting to their runner, I mean he runs hard. He runs hard. He sees the hole and goes. He played against us last year, but of course (Jermar) Jefferson was the starter. Now he seems bigger. He’s getting more reps with the scheme and the offensive line is really gelling well together. So, this will be another game we have to stop the run or they’ll just keep handing it off.” 


 On how Jonathan Smith’s offensive scheme has evolved since he was at UW:

“It’s evolved in a very unique way and a very productive way. You also have to give coach (Brian) Lindgren also a lot of credit. They have a well-respected offensive staff, of course starting with coach Smith. Their scheme has evolved. You can tell they’ve added a lot of pieces to it. They’re putting their players in position to make plays and they’ve added a lot of skill, and a lot of quality players, at wide receiver and running back. Their tight ends are bigger now and older. You can see Smitty’s fingerprints all over it. They want to run the football, see play-action off it, get your eyes in bad places and be able to give some easy reads for the quarterback to look down-field. They’re faster at wide receiver. This is a big-time offense that’s scoring almost 45 points a game.”

 On Oregon State QB Chance Nolan’s dual threat ability:

“Very, very similar (to Chase Garbers). This is my first glimpse at him when we started watching the tape. They started off with the transfer from the University of Colorado – (Sam) Noyer. But this young man, he is tall, he can spin it. You can tell he knows where to throw it and then if it’s not there he can use his legs and run, which we just saw last week is a huge challenge. The only thing he doesn’t have on Garbers is years of playing and years of starting in the Pac-12. So, he’ll see a different look from us. We’ll have to create a really good plan to keep him from running for first downs and also throwing for first downs.”

On if they put spies on dual threat QBs:

“We do. We’ll devote one, we’ll devote two, we’ll have a rush where we make sure we push ’em one way or another. We do it all. There’s all that that goes into it, and this quarterback and this week, there’s definitely going to be some strategy to make sure we keep him contained.”

On two former UW coordinators squaring off:

“We faced off against each other last year. And I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but my first college game I ever coached, he was the starting quarterback for Oregon State when I was at Eastern Washington. We almost beat them, by the way. I think it was 19-17, missed a field goal right at the end. That was the year they won the Fiesta Bowl.”


On how Jonathan Smith played in that game:

“I don’t think he played very well, but Ken Simonton played really well. I think he ran for about 200-something yards in that game. But I think we held the pass game down pretty well that day. Smitty and I are very close. He knows what I like, I know what he likes. It is definitely a fun competition and I’m expecting he’s going to have an extraordinary plan against us.”

On if facing off against Smith adds any intrigue:

“No. We know we’re facing a quality team that’s really well coached. And we have to go on the road. So that’s what we’re focused on. Soon as the game starts, it’s up to our players on both sides of the ball to carry out the game plans and go out there and block, tackle, catch, throw. We just have to make sure on our side our players are ready to go schematically.”

On getting Rome Odunze back and his unique traits:

“It’s another weapon in the arsenal that we’re able to throw the ball up to. He’s fast, he’s our tallest receiver, he can jump, he’s competitive. You’re going to see him progress again, I think, this week. He’s going to have even more opportunities to go make some big splash plays. He adds another talent on the field that our opponent is going to have to worry about.”

On Byron Murphy’s day on Sunday for the Arizona Cardinals:

“I saw the pick-six. We were trading text messages last night. I was congratulating him. I did not see his first interception. But I did see the stats. I did see the pick-six. Does that surprise anybody here that he had a pick-six? No. Didn’t surprise me either.”

On adjusting in the second half compared to sticking to a game plan:

“That’s football, on both sides of it. If they’re not stopping something, we’re going to keep coming back to it. If they’re stopping something we have to adjust and make sure we’re changing things to get things going, and I’m talking about both sides of the ball. People say halftime adjustments; we do in-game adjustments. What are they doing in the first quarter? We didn’t know they were going to do that, this is the first time they’ve done this, so we’ve got to get on the sideline and have to change it and adjust right away. Adjustments are happening all the time, in-between drives, in-between quarters, halftime, third quarter, fourth quarter. That’s football.”


On noticing a difference with the students back:

“Yes. Oh yeah, for sure. They added a tremendous amount of juice. We feel that energy and we need more students to come to our next home game. Hopefully everybody is in town now with school here starting on Wednesday. We definitely felt it. I know our players felt it, they could feel the energy, the juice that the Dawg Pack brings. We want them to be a part of the game. And I’m sure our opponent feels that as well, feels that energy going against them.”

On if it bothers him having lost all the coin flips so far this season:

“No. It’s a coin toss. No, I did not realize that. I know I’m going to get the ball one of the halves. No, I do not lose any sleep over a coin toss.”

On Zion Tupuola-Fetui’s progress:

“He’s doing great. On schedule. He will be playing in 2021. He’s on schedule, he’s doing great.”

On if he’ll be back before he’s supposed to:

“Before 2022.”

On if he’ll be back late in the regular season:

“Could be earlier. He’s doing great. So proud of him. His work ethic, his attitude, never misses a day of rehab, his body looks great. He is not on schedule; he is before schedule, like I mentioned during training camp, and he’s still on that before schedule mark.”