It was Jones who last year called Chris Petersen "irascible and somewhat cantankerous" while broadcasting a UW home game.

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One of the more puzzling developments over the weekend in college football — or at least in college football around here — was an out-of-left-field tweet from ESPN’s Mark Jones, who added another bizarre chapter to his apparent personal feud with Washington.

“Washington Huskies took one one on the chin. Where’s Montana ? (sic),” Jones tweeted on Sunday, a day after the Huskies’ loss to Auburn in Atlanta.

Jones was the play-by-play broadcaster for UW’s victory over Cal at Husky Stadium last year. Late in that game, Jones called Chris Petersen “irascible and somewhat cantankerous.” It was earlier in that game that ESPN sideline reporter Quint Kessenich placed three cupcakes on the Husky Stadium turf to represent the Huskies’ three nonconference opponents.

Both the Pac-12 office and UW were aware of Jones’ tweet Sunday. An athletic department spokesman told The Seattle Times that Washington has been assured that Jones will not be broadcasting any of the Huskies’ games this season (and likely not any anytime soon).

“We are aware of the inappropriate comments in this tweet and have addressed it with ESPN,” the Pac-12 wrote in a statement.

Jones, perhaps after a call from an ESPN superior, tweeted another message about UW on Monday morning:

“Hey don’t get me wrong…I still think Washington will have a great season..losing to Auburn in their backyard is a lot better than what a team like Miami did to their CFP chances. All love Seattle. S/o to the bruthas at Greenlake Park”