After nearly four decades as "Voice of the Huskies", Bob Rondeau's final broadcast came Saturday in Washington's Fiesta Bowl loss to Penn State. Here are the highlights.

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Admit it, we all got a little teary eyed when the first “Touchdown, Washington” blared through our radios Saturday. Jake Browning got a push from Coleman Shelton and snuck into the end zone from one yard out, and Bob Rondeau did his thing.

We would get a few more signature touchdown calls as the Fiesta Bowl played on. But fittingly, he saved one of his best calls of his final broadcast as “Voice of the Huskies” for last.

As the Huskies tried to hook-and-ladder their way into the end zone as time expired, Dante Pettis caught a lateral and took off across midfield. But with seconds still on the clock, rather than step out of bounds, he chose to lateral it back and futilely attempted to continue the play. A Penn State defender intercepted it and effectively ended the game.

“Dante, you didn’t have to do it!” Rondeau boomed over the radio, echoing the thoughts of Husky fans across the Northwest.

Final score: Penn State 35, Washington 28.

Listen to that call and more highlights from Rondeau’s final broadcast after 37 years of narrating Husky football.

Myles Gaskin 69-yard TD run

Austin Joyner interception

Jake Browning 28-yard TD to Aaron Fuller

Myles Gaskin 13-yard TD run

Jake Browning 1-yard TD sneak