Browning's reaction to being pulled in the second half? “He was mad," Petersen said. "I mean, Jake’s a competitor. He’s mad right now. And I’d expect nothing different out of him."

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BERKELEY, Calif. — Washington coach Chris Petersen reacts to the Huskies’ 12-10 loss at California on Saturday:

(Opening) “Obviously painful. Painful on offense. Let me start by saying: pulling Jake (Browning) out, that had more to do with me trying to do something to help this offense way more than it did with Jake (Browning). Jake is a competitor. Jake does everything we ask. But, you know, we got to try help this offense out somehow, someway. And when you’ve scored seven points late in the game — I know we’ve got more to us than that. So we’re going to try something. We’re not going to just keep banging our head on the wall. But we love Jake (Browning) and we were planning on putting him back in there. But I just wanted to try shake things up, see if it could get something done.”

(Browning’s reaction?) “He was mad. I mean, Jake’s a competitor. He’s mad right now. And I’d expect nothing different out of him. It is what it is. Just trying to do something to spark this offense, because we’ve got to score more than we’re scoring.”

(Did he need to convince you to get back in?) “No. I was going to give Jake Haener a few series, and then get Jake (Browning) back in there and see if we could get something going. We still weren’t really getting a lot done.”

(Why do you think that was the case?) “We’ll put the tape on and see. I don’t know. You know, we go down on a (14-play) drive to start the game, and then we could just get in no rhythm whatsoever. We drop balls. We miss a couple things. Miss some protections. It’s all of us. It’s not any one thing or one guy.”

(Tough situation to throw Haener in there … ) “It is. Backed up like that. Jake (Haener’s) a good player. Like I said, sometimes you just got to try to do something to try to spark something. I think we’ll learn from it and move forward. Like I said, the one thing I don’t want to keep doing is the same thing over and over. Just trying to do something to help the guys out.”

Video of offensive coordinator Bush Hamdan postgame: