Kenny Mayne and Chico McClathcher grew up blocks away from each other -- albeit in different eras. They reconnect and reminisce in this SportsCenter feature.

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Kenny Mayne, the ESPN personality who calls Seattle home, went to Jefferson High School. Huskies receiver Chico McClatcher went to Federal Way.┬áThe two grew up — albeit years apart — just blocks away from each other in the south Sound.

With the Huskies set to play Alabama on New Year’s Eve in the College Football Playoff semifinals, Mayne “figured I should contribute” and invited McClatcher to tour their hometown and reminisce about childhood down south.

The two visit Lakota Middle School, where each played their first football game, Redondo Beach “just for the serenity of it,” and, of course, Pattison’s West, where Mayne inquires about McClatcher’s middle-school love life.

Watch the whole segment below: