Green on the NIT: "Nobody really wants to play in this kind of tournament. Everybody really focuses on the NCAA tournament, but it's still an honor to be able to play in the postseason because a lot of people are sitting at home on the couch."

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Washington’s Noah Dickerson and Dominic Green talked about playing Saint Mary’s in the second round of the National Invitation Tournament.

The No. 5 Huskies (21-12) play the top-seeded Gaels (29-5) 8 p.m. Monday at McKeon Pavilion.

Here’s the video and quotes from Friday’s interview.


(On Saint Mary’s) “We remember them. They probably play the same way that they did back then. So we faced what they normally do.”

(On Gaels center Jock Landale) “I haven’t even seen their roster so I don’t know who’s still there and who’s not, honestly.”

(On Boise State game) “I haven’t even watched it. They gave us yesterday off. We’ll probably go over it today. But for the most part I haven’t seen it.”

(On following the NCAA tournament) “Growing up around basketball I have a lot of friends that play on different teams so I tune in to watch my friends play just like they would if I was playing. So I’m happy for it. It’s kind of cool that a lot of these unknown teams are beating these top-ranked teams to make somebody that’s not a powerhouse win the national championship. To me that would be wonderful. And seeing how many people’s brackets are already messed up at this point, that’s great.”

(On seeing double teams and being better now at handling them) “Yeah without a question. The more that people throw it at you, the more better you are at reading it. The last game they doubled me on the catch. Sometimes they come on the dribble. The way we have our offense set, when the ball goes in to me the guys on the opposite are all supposed to relocate and move and create angles and stuff like that and get open. It was kind of different because I think this was the first time that a team came down with a guard instead of a big so I could really see over it and make the pass.”


(On Saint Mary’s) “I’ve seen them play when Wazzu beat them. Wazzu got them in foul trouble so that pretty much was that. It seemed as like that hurt them because they didn’t have no rim protection. So that might be something that we can do to get an advantage.”

(On executing) “As long as we execute the game plan, I think that we can play with anybody in the country. It’s all about that.”

(On UW needs to do offensively) “On offense it’s pretty much getting the best team shot. Ball movement. Make sure everything is real fluid.”

(On Boise State game) “I’d say in the first half we were playing real good and lock down defense. It seemed like they had a tough time getting in rhythm. In the second half they just started making shots. They got a lot of calls that were questionable and it just helped them getting in rhythm. When you get on the free throw line that’s putting points on the board without running the clock. They were starting to get in the paint. They were attacking more than they did in the first half. In the first half, they were shooting a lot of three-pointers. In the second half, they kind of starting to get inside more.”

(On the mindset for a NIT road game) “We’re just going to go in and try to play hard and play our game. We honestly just want to get the W.”

(On postseason energy) “You could tell nobody really wants to play in this kind of tournament. Everybody really focuses on the NCAA tournament, but it’s still an honor to be able to play in the postseason because a lot of people are sitting at home on the couch. You still get to go play so at least I’m not sitting at home. That’s what you think. Go out there and play hard.”

(On the FIBA three-pointer in the NIT) “Nah, not really. Shooting from the corner is not bad, but shooting from around the top – from the wing going to the top – there’s a little bit of a difference. You got to put a little more on it. But if you’re a shooter, you practice those kind of long-range shots.”

(More on FIBA three-pointer in NIT opener) “It is an adjustment because we’re shooting shorter (in the NCAA) and they backed it up. They actually made a lot of changes to the rules. But you’re still shooting and you’re just hooping.”

(On playing in the postseason) “It’s cool. Like I said, I don’t want to be at home sitting on the couch. I’d rather be doing something that I love to do – play basketball. So it’s a great feeling.”