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Here’s video of Friday’s interview with coach Lorenzo Romar who talked about Sunday’s game at Washington State, the Huskies’ seven-game losing streak and the return of junior forward Jernard Jarreau.

And here’s a partial transcript.

(On players being focused after days off) “We’ll find out on Sunday. We can practice, we can do the right things, which I think we have. Bbut until we go out and play a game and it transfers over into the game, we have to wait and see. But I like the progress that we made this week.”

(On Jarreau returning to practice) “Yes. He’s been practicing. He hasn’t had to sit out any drills. He’s been able to go.”

(On how many minutes he can play Sunday?) “We’ll play that as he can get up and down the floor a couple of times and adrenaline is flowing and he’s completely winded we’ll see. But I don’t know if we can put a time on it right now. He will definitely be available to play though.”

(More on Jarreau) “Just with him practicing this week, he’s telling guys where to go. Where you should be on the floor in situations. He’s a facilitator on offense. You can’t measure his impact on the game by how many points he averages or how many points he scores because he gets so many deflections. He’ll block a shot. He knows where we’re supposed to be on the floor offensively and defensively. He conducts himself like a veteran. So it’s hard to measure totally, but it’s definitely a positive.”

(On Shawn Kemp Jr. being happy about Jarreau’s return) “Well, yeah. It helps. And for Shawn, it’s another guy that can effectively throw him the basketball. Jernard is skilled enough to make plays and get the ball to other people. So that helps. He helps in a lot of ways across the board.”

(On if Jarreau and Kemp will play together?) “No. No. There’s no doubt they’ll play together. They’ll play together. Jernard could play with four smaller guys at some point. I don’t think there are many combinations – many combinations – right now that we have where Jernard can’t play with the other guys.”

(On if Jarreau will start?) “He’s progressing to where he could potentially do that. We just have to, again we have another practice today and tomorrow and we’ll see where he is.”

(On being able to run more high-post with Jarreau) “We’ve had to do a lot more. Iin order to run the high post, someone has to be comfortable there. And again, we’ve been running high-post in segments. But we’ve been running a lot more motion with it because we’ve been playing primarily with guards. So we’ve had to run probably 80-90 percent motion one way or another.”

(On Jarreau allowing UW to run more high post) “It helps you run more options. It helps us be more complete offensively with him in there.”

(On Jarreau’s role changing without Robert Upshaw) “No. Again, he’s so versatile, he just goes out and play. He can play with any combination of player on the floor and still have his niche. And again, I said before I don’t want to build Jernard up to where now we’ve got Jernard back. We’re going to go undefeated and beat everybody by 30 because he’s going to average 20 and 20. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying you feel his absence when he’s not on the floor. You feel his absence. You feel his absence preparing for a road game, him getting in there. There’s just so many different ways across the board where statistically you may not see it or feel it, but he helps.”

(On what area Jarreau impacts the most) “Defensively. Yeah. Because he’s a guy that can put fires out. If one guy gets beat, he can help. Not necessarily with a blocked shot, but just being there (and) being a deterrent. A guy’s open, but his man goes to pass it and he gets a deflection because his arms are so long. Just little things like that across the board. Pointing out someone should have a certain coverage in a certain situation. You need to be there because he knows exactly where a guy’s going to be.”

(On capping Jarreau’s minutes?) “I would think he wouldn’t. I’ll say self-capped so to speak because you can only go so long if you haven’t played. You can try to simulate game conditions in terms of your conditioning, but you can’t do it until you’re actually out there playing. So we’ll see. He may not be able to go very long because of game conditions. but that won’t last very long. He’ll get in game shape pretty quickly because he wasn’t out for a year, he was out for five weeks.”