Romar on Anderson who 22 points and 15 rebounds: 'He just took the game over on the backboard and I think that was the difference in the game.'

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Washington coach Lorenzo Romar pinned Saturday’s 77-72 loss to No. 23 Arizona on the Huskies’ inability to curtail Ryan Anderson, who finished with 22 points and 15 rebounds – both game highs.

Here’s a few quotes from Romar.

(Opening statement) “The people came out and the way the crowd was behind us and backed us. Our guys have been waiting for this for a long, long time. Andrew Andrews it’s the first time he’s played in a situation like this at home. I feel like we let them down a little bit. It’s tough. I don’t think we had to look very far than the offensive rebound column. Namely, Ryan Anderson. He gets eight offensive rebounds. (Kaleb) Tarczewski, I believe, had three and those might have been in the first half. He just took the game over on the backboard and I think that was the difference in the game. I thought our guys competed. I thought our guys guarded. I thought our guys played together on defense and worked hard. But here we are without the victory. So give Arizona credit a lot of credit for going on the road in a hostile environment and finding a way to get it done.”

(On problems with offensive rebounds) “Tonight was a little different. It was one guy. One guy. And he had his way with us. When we were in Tucson, he was very forceful then too. You look at the stat (sheet) and he had eight, Tarczewski three. They had eight offensive rebounds with 11 minutes to go in the game. They had eight offensive rebounds at halftime if I remember correctly because we told our team during that timeout because we were doing a great job of boxing out and keeping them off the boards up until that point. If you do the math and you see what damage Ryan Anderson did down the stretch in the last 11 minutes of that game. He was the difference.”

(On what makes Anderson so difficult) “He’s a fifth-year senior. He is very strong. He’s a good basketball player. He has a nose for the ball and just went in there and got physical and got it done.”

(On UW’s defensive switches allowing Arizona offensive rebounds) “That happens too at times. Over in the big picture, yes that happens. Sometimes we jump when we shouldn’t. Sometimes we leave a guy there. Sometimes with switches, you switch and are so accustom to guarding one guy and now you are guarding another and the shot goes up, you have to check him. Stuff that we are constantly talking about. Tonight it was more just a player being determined that he was going to go get the basketball.”