Green on buzzer-beating three-pointer that gave UW a 78-75 victory: '“As soon as a let it go, I fell down and saw it out of the corner of my eye. It was all net.”

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Like many kids who play basketball, Dominic Green grew up envisioning about making a shot at the buzzer for game-winner.

He’d recite the countdown “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” before launching a shot that he’d pretend would deliver a victory and send the crowd into a frenzy.

On Saturday night, dreams came true for Green who drained a 22-foot three-pointer as time expired that lifted Washington to a 78-75 win over No. 9 Arizona.

“I’ve always thought about … when is the day that I’m going to be able to hit a game-winning shot like that,” said Green who finished with 14 points and converted 4 of 5 3-point attempts.. “And today it happened. My dream came true. But you know, it’s not over from here. We got a lot more to do and this aint the end of the road.”

Here is video and quotes of the postgame interview with Green and Noah Dickerson, who led the way early with a game-high 25 points.


(On importance of making first shot against DeAndre Ayton) “Our game plan was go inside and out. Start inside so it opens it up for the shooters. He’s a big boy, so I took him on the chest so he couldn’t jump and block it. It went in and I just kept going after that.”

(On staying poised) “Like coach said, they’re a good team, they’re a great team. Good teams make runs, that’s what happens. This is basketball. They went on their run and I just think over time, we’re all juniors now, we’ve been through it and we understand we’re fine, we’re okay, it’s still a game, let’s not crumble. Keep fighting back, we’re coming, we’re coming, we’re coming. Our resilience just to keep it going. They came back but we stuck it out.”

(On Green’s game-winner) “Oh yeah, if he missed it I was going to try to get a tip, but when I heard the buzzer sound I just saw the ball coming I was like ‘that’s all net.’”

(On Lorenzo Romar) “He got us over to Seattle and he had nothing but love to show us. He was glad – I had a chance to talk to him yesterday and he was glad that we’re doing things in the country and that we’ve started understanding the zone and he was all happy with us. He’s glad we’re growing up and things like that.”

(On if he talked with Romar after the game) “I didn’t get a chance to talk with him post game.”

(On shooting over 7-footers) “I’m kind of challenged height-wise, I’m small. One of the things is my pump fakes, my footwork, and putting my body into them so they can’t jump. I have really, really long arms so I can really shoot the ball from out there and it’s hard for them to go up and get it. That’s one of the biggest thing I was working on, just making sure I’m hesitating, ball fakes, and just getting my body into them so they couldn’t jump up and get it.”

(On going against Arizona’s post players) “It’s hard. They probably have me by a little bit pound-wise, but this is what I trained for all summer. I just kept going at it, kept going at it. That’s all it is. I just kept going. There isn’t much to it. I got great rest the night before. I was ready to go. I was excited. I was ready to get after it.

(On the sellout crowd) “The crowd was really a big part. They were making it so loud in there that I felt like Arizona, they couldn’t communicate with each other. It was hard for us to call out screens for each other for the guys up top. We had to tell them ‘we’re calling them, it’s hard for you to hear, you have to keep your head moving on a swivel.’ They make it really hard to hear anything. That’s amazing. They were wild. We love that. It was great having them out there.”

(On the feeling after the win) “Short memory. We’ll enjoy this one. The night is still young. Tomorrow, it’s on to the next game.”

(On Hopkins’ halftime speech) “They’re going to go on a run because they’re a really good team. Be poised about it.”

(On what was said when Arizona went on a run at the end) “We’re fine. We’re good. No need to stress. It’s a close game, we’re not down 20. We’re good. We’re okay. Stay calm and just keep jabbing away. We’re fine.”


(On his game-winning three-pointer) “First of all, give it to my team. We fought all game, we played defense, we got stops when we needed to get stops. On that last possession, I saw Jaylen (Nowell) up top and coach called four-low and I went immediately to the corner on the right hand side because I know that’s the side he’s going to go to. After he went up, I saw my man turn his head. First off, I saw my man turn his head when he was getting ready to drive, and then after DeAndre Ayton came over, he came over like I said, hit it right to me on the right side of the hoop. Once I caught it, I tried to get it up as quick as I can and I fell. I saw it and was like ‘oh that’s good’ as soon as I let it go.”

(On if he ever had a shot like that before) “I have before, but not this kind of stage. This is a great experience.”

(On interaction with Lorenzo Romar) “It was all love. He did a lot for us. Even through the bad times, being a mentor.”

(On the feeling after the win) “It was great in the moment. We came in, we got the job done. One by one.”

(On what was most important at start of second half) “At half time he was just staying stick with out game plan, keep playing defense, keep rebounding hard.”

(On if the gravity of the game-winner has hit him yet) “I haven’t had time to process it. This is something, it doesn’t happen for everybody, and it’s just crazy. It was a crazy moment.”