Dickerson scored 25 points in UW's 79-77 win over Oregon State on Thursday.

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Noah Dickerson scored 25 points to lead the Washington men’s basketball team to a 79-77 win over Oregon State on Thursday at Alaska Airlines Arena.

The Huskies improved to 20-10 and moved into a four-team third-place in the Pac-12 at 10-7.

Admittedly, Dickerson never imagined first-year coach Mike Hopkins would be able to transform the Huskies into a NCAA tournament contender so quickly in his first year.

“Not at all. No,” Dickerson said. “Especially with the statistics with new coaches and stuff like that. We weren’t thinking about that (20 wins).

“Came out and gave Coach Hop a try, (and) all of the new coaches. They knew what they were talking about a little bit. As the year went on, we got better at it and better at it, so this is the position that we’re in now.”

Here are a few quotes from Dickerson and Matisse Thybulle from their postgame interviews.


(On UW’s 20th win) “Twenty wins is a lot of wins playing competitive D-1 basketball. That’s a hard feat to do. I’ve never done it. (Matisse Thybulle) has never done it. It’s pretty exciting. Just to come out here with my team, just get a win, play well, play great defense, it feels really good.”

(On scoring inside) “I’ve played with a lot of shot blockers throughout my years, so I’ve had a lot of practice in practice. Feel. Touch. Just angles and things like that.”

(On Hameir Wright) “Everything. He grew a little chest and started taking it to the guys. Especially when we met Hameir (Wright), such a hard matchup problem because he’s a really good passer at the high post, three point line, and he can drive past people, hit layups, hit open shots. He’s a real problem, and he’s really, really long, so he can really help us on defense. He came in and he really, really helped us on defense.”

(On finding ways to score) “We used to say before, it could be anybody’s night. We have so many weapons on the team. It happened to be my night one night, the next time it could be David (Crisp)’s night, Matisse’s night, Sam (Timmins)’s night.”

(On importance of this win for NCAA tournament hopes) “I really have no idea. I haven’t really looked at anything. I really haven’t. I just think about one win at a time and the regular season, so I really haven’t looked into it.”


(On three-point efficiency lately) “Just being in rhythm and taking good shots. Like Noah said early, he found me wide open and that’s what I think the biggest key is for me. When Jaylen (Nowell) drives and they double down on him and when we get the ball in the post to Noah and they double down on him, there’s someone open. In these past four games it’s been me and we’re all great players at this level. Noah almost even hit an open three this game. Open shots, I’ve just been confident. Coach has given me a lot of confidence and I have great teammates that find me.”

(On second-half defense against OSU) “We executed a game plan. We figured out what they were trying to do and took it away. They didn’t really have an answer after that.”

(On Hameir Wright) “He saved the game. He stepped up big time. What we’ve needed from him all year and he stepped up.”