Center Malik Dime leaves the game in the final minutes with a finger injury, but coach Lorenzo Romar expects he'll be able available when Washington plays again.

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Most of the Huskies starters were on the sideline in the final minutes of Saturday’s 87-61 win over Oregon State.

They cheered and celebrated as the backups got rare playing time in the lopsided victory.

However, UW’s star guard Markelle Fultz sat on the bench nursing a tweaked ankle and senior center Malik Dime was in the locker room due to an injured finger.

The two collided on an awkward play in the final three minutes and left the game at the 2:22 mark.

Afterward, coach Lorenzo Romar said he expects both players will be available when UW plays at California on Thursday.

“I don’t think there’s anything major with Malik (and) Markelle is fine,” Romar said. “He tweaked his ankle, but we have a day off tomorrow.”

Here are a few postgame quotes from Romar.

(Opening statement) “Winning the game was one thing today, but the way we did it was refreshing. I just thought we did a lot of things the right way and had contributions from a lot of different players today. This is a great situation to use as a springboard.”

(On what changed today) “Our approach, our outlook and our mindset changed. We were able to do some things that we hand’t done much – trapping and pressing today. We tried to speed the game up and I thought it was effective. The trapping and the pressing without the proper mindset would not have been effective.”

(On if UW can use the trapping defense again) “I think we can use it again, but I don’t know if we can do it game in and game out and be effective. We hadn’t done it yet. I don’t think Oregon State prepared for it because we hadn’t done it. If we had done it and shown it before I’m sure that they would have spent more time practicing against it. We know we have that and we can go to that when we need it.”

And here is the video of the postgame interview with Romar.