It'll be a test of wills in Monday's NIT second-round matchup. The Huskies want to run and the defensively-dominant Aztecs prefer a slow-paced game.

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Here’s video of Friday’s press conference with Washington coach Lorenzo Romar who previewed Monday’s 8:30 p.m. NIT second-round game between the third-seeded Huskies and No. 2 San Diego State.

And here’s some quotes from Romar.

(On holding down SDSU like last year’s 49-36 win) “That would be awesome if we could do that somehow, but this is a different year. They have a different team and we have a different team. They are an opportunistic fastbreak team. If they have the opportunity, they’re not going to slow it down, they’re going to take advantage of it., but we’re always trying to force the issue, trying to do that. They play a little differently than that.”

(On SDSU’s rebounding) “You have to box out, because those guys are relentless on the boards. Their starting lineup right now, the smallest guy is 6-4, then they’re 6-6, 6-8, 6-9. They’re very long, athletic and ferocious on those offensive boards.”

(On the NIT opener) “Yeah, I think so. Just that start we had before was rough. It’s also finals week. We normally don’t schedule games during finals week in the fall quarter because we know how guys can be distracted. But whatever it was, I anticipate us coming out ready to play.”