After fourth straight loss, Lorenzo Romar says: 'I believe we can find our way. We can't get down on ourselves and lose belief. We can't do that.'

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After Sunday’s 87-85 loss to Nevada, Washington coach Lorenzo Romar admits it can be difficult for his players to not be affected by the criticism that’s come their way this season.

He made a similar comment after Wednesday’s 98-71 loss at No. 8 Gonzaga.

However, it would seem that the more UW loses – the Huskies have four-game skid – the chorus of critics will continue to grow.

Still, Romar thinks Washington (4-5) can turn things around.

“We’ll continue to point out why we think we can turn it around (and) that all is not lost,” he said. “We really talk to our guys about not listening to outside talk. Like I said the last game, social media you can if you start reading all of the comments that people are saying it can get to you. And you can’t let that get to you. You can’t let whomever it is that’s talking down about your team or you or your teammates get to you. You can’t let that happen because it’s (the criticism) is going to happen. That’s part of it. Continue to work on the things that we got to get better at. We got better at some things tonight and I’ll point those things out that we’re doing well.”

When asked if a lack of effort has been a problem, Romar said: “At times yes. Tonight our effort was better though. But at times yes.”

Romar has described the Huskies as being young, but doesn’t think a lack leadership has contributed to their woes.

“We just have to find our way,” he said. “Malik (Dime) plays he’s a senior and the rest of us are freshmen and sophomores. Those sophomores that are here weren’t the primary guys last year so guys are in different roles now. We’re finding our way. But I believe we can find our way. We can’t get down on ourselves and lose belief. We can’t do that.”

Here’s the video of the postgame interview with Romar.