Lorenzo Romar has enjoyed eight straight wins over the Redhawks while Washington has won 11 in a row.

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The close relationship between Lorenzo Romar and Cameron Dollar is the chief reason why Washington continues its crosstown men’s basketball rivalry with Seattle University.

But their friendship, which began when Romar — a former UCLA assistant — recruited the 17-year-old Dollar to sign with the Bruins in 1993, is also the reason why the Huskies coach would like to end this series.

“I don’t enjoy this game,” Romar said. “Not at all. To be truthful, I’d rather not play it. We just don’t schedule many games against teams like this, against former assistants. These are different.

“We’ll keep playing them only because he (Dollar) wants to. … But if you’re asking me do I like playing against him, no not at all.”

Romar, a former Husky guard who played four times against Seattle U, understands the historical significance of the city rivalry that began in 1953.

He’s also enjoyed eight straight wins over the Redhawks while UW has won 11 in a row.

“This game back when I played in it really meant something and we’re getting some of that back since we started playing again,” Romar said, referring to the renewal of the series in 2009 when Seattle University returned to Division I status after a 28-year hiatus between 1980 to 2008.

Dollar, the former UW assistant, doesn’t get overly sentimental when talking about playing against his former coach and mentor.

The SU coach is focused on the possible benefits of playing — and potentially beating — a Pac-12 team such as Washington.

“For us it’s a great challenge and it prepares us for what’s coming up later on,” Dollar said. “Specifically when you’re in Vegas and you’re on the third day and if you win, you get to go to the NCAA tournament. We need situations to prepare us for what’s coming up later on and this is a great one to be able to do that.

“Their length and their athleticism, we need to face that. The hype this game generates in the city between our fans and their fans. So I totally understand and respect his point of view. I’m appreciative that he does it and we try to make sure we respect the game and play it the right way. Play it hard fought and hopefully we can make them better, too, as they’re getting ready for challenges they’re going to have later on. Then afterward, we put our guns down and root for each other.”

Dollar is winless in eight tries against the Huskies.

There have been years when Redhawks fans believed they were ready to finally beat their big brother only to fall. They’ve had relatively close games, including last year’s 79-68 defeat at Alaska Airlines Arena.

And SU has been embarrassed, such as a 123-76 thumping in 2010 or the 95-74 shellacking the following year.

Seattle University (7-5) enters Thursday’s 7 p.m. contest at KeyArena riding a four-game winning streak ,while Washington (6-5) has stumbled early this season before stringing together back-to-back wins.

The reunion between Romar and Dollar is also a reminder to the Camelot years on Montlake, when the two men resurrected the Huskies into a Pac-12 powerhouse.

“What Cam brought no one could duplicate,” Romar said. “He had his imprint. Our guys still talk about him. It’s Coach Dollar and what he did back in the day.

“But since then we had guys come in and do it in different ways. And guys have been effective.”

Both UW and SU have waddled around .500 the past few years, which is a point of contention with their critics.

Washington is riding a five-year NCAA tournament drought while Seattle U hasn’t won more than 18 games under Dollar.

“In this profession to be in it for any amount of time and have any success, you grow some thick skin,” Dollar said. “And you’re able to take the good and the bad and you move on from it.

“I can’t tell you if we’re on ahead of schedule or on schedule. We’re making up the schedule as we go along. Of course, I’d like to have a few more wins. But we’re getting better each year and we’re building this the right way.”