Andrew Andrews is the only senior on the UW men’s basketball team this season, giving him a unique point of view on a team filled with freshmen. He shared his thoughts in a first-person essay with The Seattle Times.

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As the only senior on a freshmen-laden team, Andrew Andrews had a unique point of view on this season of Husky men’s basketball. Andrews, who led the Pac-12 in scoring at 21.2 points per game and was named a first-team all-conference player on Monday, shares a few thoughts about the season with The Seattle Times:


It’s crazy to think that nine years ago, I was walking into Benson Tech High School as an eager freshman ready to start my basketball journey when a baseball coach walks past me and asks if I had ever heard of the University of Washington. I had no clue. He laughed and then told me one day I would be playing for the Huskies. That was my first introduction to the university, as a 5-5 freshman. Four years later, I signed my letter of intent and the rest, you all know.

Over my time here, my maturation process under our staff and coach Lorenzo Romar has helped me grow exponentially. But how I got to where I’m at has been a lot of hard work and just trusting the process.

This year has been amazing. I never would have thought I would be having the type of year I’m having and I really want to give credit to the staff and this group of guys I get to be around every single day. They’ve made me the player that I am and have given me so much confidence as a leader.

From the countless meetings with coach Romar to playing one-on-one with coach Will Conroy, it’s just been an amazing way to finish my career here at UW. Coach Romar is so different from every other coach. He expects greatness out of us as both students and athletes and the example he sets for us to follow is second to none.

Coach Conroy has believed in me and pushed me every day and helped me set higher goals than I thought were attainable. Coach Raphael Chillious has always pushed me to be a tough, hard-nosed player on the court and I really appreciate it. Coach Brad Jackson, Mr. Mild-Mannered, has helped me learn how to stay even-keeled no matter if things are good and bad. Athletic trainer Patrick Jenkins – thanks for the conversation and making sure we’re all taken care of health-wise. I also have to give a shout out to director of basketball strategies Pabail Sidhu, who has helped expand my mind on the game and life in general.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of lifting weights as coach Daniel Shapiro knows, he’s really taught me how to be a professional in terms of just pushing through what you don’t want to do with the understanding of knowing that it’s going to make you a better player.

While we have had our ups and downs this year, the one thing I’ve loved about being a part of this team is that we’ve never given up. This team has shown me how to become a better leader through their passion for the game. They have shown me how to lead, how to react and how to talk in moments that aren’t going the way we want them to. They have shown me that no matter what is happening, we as a unit can always turn it around.

We have fought so hard in every single game and it’s been amazing to take this journey with this group of guys. This team has such charisma and I know it’s a first for many of these guys heading into the Pac-12 tournament, but I’m confident in what they’ll bring individually and as a unit together on the floor. It will be exciting, fast and exhausting but I wouldn’t want to go through it one last time with anybody else.

This ride has been unbelievable and I’ve had such great support from our staff and our Husky fans, especially Anne Gittinger. I can’t thank all of you enough for what you’ve done for me. We’re going to do our best down in Vegas this week to make the Husky nation proud and having been here for five years, I can tell you that there are more exciting things to come for this program.

Thanks again for all of your support. And especially thank you to my family for being there by my side through this journey.