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Former Washington center Robert Upshaw swatted away a deluge of questions during a media session at the NBA combine much like he blocked shots during his short stint with the Huskies.

The 7-foot rim protector is considered by many as the most intriguing prospect among the draft hopefuls.

There’s plenty of upside in drafting Upshaw. A NBA team would be getting a 21-year-old defensive phenom who has the longest wingspan in the draft at 7-5 1/2. During 19 games with Washington last season, he averaged 4.4 blocks, 8.2 rebounds and 10.9 points.

Anyone drafting Upshaw would also be gambling on a player who hasn’t played a full season since high school due to discipline problems. He’s been kicked off two teams, most recently Washington and also including Fresno State.

Since his UW dismissal, Upshaw has hired Bill Duffy as an agent. He’s been working out at P3 (Peak Performance Project) in Santa Barbara, Calif. to improve his strength and conditioning. He’s hired a life coach and he’s been receiving mentoring from Bill Walton.

During an interview with Draft Express, Upshaw opened up a little bit about what led to his demise at Washington.

In the interview (below), Upshaw said he’s learned a lot about drugs and alcohol abuse. However, he never says what led to his dismissal at UW or Fresno State. Upshaw repeatedly said he was immature and made bad decisions.

Upshaw is considered a first-round pick by Draft Express (25th to Memphis) while projects he’ll be taken 20th in the second round (50th overall) by Atlanta.