Despite sixth loss in past seven games, Andrews optimistic about Huskies. He said: 'The fact that we kept with them and kept close shows that we’re a pretty good team.'

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Here’s video of the postgame interview with Washington’s Andrew Andrews after the Huskies’ 86-73 loss at No. 13 Oregon on Sunday.

The UW senior guard finished with 21 points and eight assists.

And here’s a few quotes.

(On close defeats) “It’s tough, but we got a group full of guys that is always going to keep pushing it no matter what. That’s the best part of our team – having that spirit that no matter what to always play hard and be in the game. Oregon blows a lot of teams out here at home. And the fact that we kept with them and kept close shows that we’re a pretty good team. Once we find out what it is that we need to do to bring it all together for a full 40 minutes, then we’ll be alright.”

(On the difference today) “Not much. We played pretty good. A couple of things. Turnovers or home runs. Shots that led to home runs. We’ll have a good run going, then we’ll turn it over and then it’ll lead to them getting a fastbreak or something like that. Defensively we played them pretty well, but if we stop the swings and the runs that they had off of our mistakes then it could be a different turnout.”

(On NCAA tournament) “At this time of the year everyone is thinking about the NCAA tournament and what you have to get in. But as a team you just have to focus on keep getting better. I know the Oregon State hurt us and this one didn’t hurt us as much. You just have to come with a mindset of being ready to play against Washington State because that one can hurt us. If we do what we have to do there and then go into the Pac-12 Tournament focused, then we should be alright.”

(More on NCAA tournament) “I just take on the mantra of our team and the guys in the locker room. I think we’re not worried about personal agendas or anything outside of the locker room. The most important thing is focusing on Washington State. Then we get to the Pac-12 Tournament, take care of business there. We got to go there and play hard. Play every game like we’ve been playing.”