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Bob Ernst

Abusive coaches can’t be tolerated

Thank you for Geoff Baker’s well-written and insightful article on Washington’s firing of crew coach Bob Ernst. I am not a rower or a graduate of UW and I don’t know any of the people referenced in the article. But whether it be an abusive coach or an abusive boss, such methods should not be tolerated.

Brings back memories of Woody Hayes.

Gary Keehn, Bainbridge Island

Reads like ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’

It’s “Mutiny on the Bounty” all over again. Bob Ernst played William Bligh one too many times with his crews and is set adrift with his loyal supporters. Now it is up to the admiralty (UW) to decide what is best for queen and country.

Colin Hermans, Friday Harbor

UW volleyball

West Coast bias hurt Huskies’ seed

Anti-West Coast bias again has outweighed merit in the NCAA volleyball tournament seedings. Among the top five seeded teams, UW is first in the AVCA ranking, second in winning percentage, fourth in winning percentage vs. top-25 teams, and first in fewest sets lost. Yet the Huskies are fifth seeded, relegating them to second in their region.

What justifies the NCAA Selection Committee’s decision to rank the Big Ten’s second-best team ahead of the nation’s top-ranked team? Washington has better statistics than Nebraska by virtually every measure.

John McCaslin, Kirkland


Wishing Graham a speedy recovery

Thank you, Jimmy Graham!

I wish you a speedy recovery from your season-ending knee injury. Everything I read from Pete Carroll and your Seahawks teammates indicates your work ethic and game effort are above and beyond. It’s not easy to change systems and to go to a team that lost continuity and chemistry after back-to-back Super Bowls and shedding several free agents.

Scottie Mackinnon, Kenmore

Apple Cup

WSU coaches failed young QB

Once again the Cougar faithful endured another demoralizing Apple Cup defeat to a mediocre Huskies team.

I have to compliment the Washington coaching staff for being astute enough to exploit Washington State’s weakness at quarterback. UW coaches quickly saw on the first drive that freshman quarterback Peyton Bender zeroed in on a particular receiver, which is why they were all over his passes. I can’t blame the young quarterback. The blame goes to Mike Leach and his coaching staff. None of the coaches told Bender he was staring down his receivers.

That loss probably cost WSU a top-15 ranking and a major bowl.

Tommie Stewart, Seattle

Falk’s absence helped Huskies

The only reason the Huskies won the Apple Cup was because Luke Falk wasn’t playing. The only reason Stanford beat the Cougars was because of a missed field goal. The only reason Cal beat WSU was because of the refs’ bad calls.

Scott Seymour, Cle Elum


Super QBs are still slinging

It was pretty cool to see a photo of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Page C1 (Nov. 29), only to flip to C2 and see former Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck in a Colts uniform. These two Super Bowl XL competitors are still standing a decade later in 2015. It underlines their skill and perseverance during brilliant careers.

Steve Goodman, Mountlake Terrace

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