UW’s baseball program will pause offseason workouts “after discovering positive COVID-19 cases and using contact tracing within the program while following its rigorous testing protocols,” a university release stated on Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, 547 Husky athletes have gone through testing and there are currently active positive cases within the athletics department. The university declines to announce which programs the active cases are connected to, though the baseball team’s sudden pause indicates an uptick. This is the first UW athletics program that has been forced to pause training due to positive COVID-19 cases since athletes began returning to campus on June 15.

At the same time last week, UW Athletics reported three active positive cases.

All athletes who have tested positive are currently going through UW’s “COVID-19 care and quarantine protocols.” Since June 15, 4,126 PCR tests have been administered and they have revealed 41 total positive cases.

The UW baseball team went 9-6 last spring before having the remainder of its season canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.