Nathan Hale has gone from 3-18 to the top team in the nation after adding Brandon Roy and five-star UW commit Michael Porter Jr.

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Nathan Hale has managed to go from having a 3-18 basketball team last season to an undefeated one that is considered by many the best in the nation.

The “how” isn’t exactly a mystery. The formula goes: hire UW legend Brandon Roy as head coach, then add the top recruit in the country, Michael Porter Jr., and his four-star brother, Jontay, after their father is hired by Michael Jr.’s godfather, Lorenzo Romar. Michael signed his letter of intent to Romar and the Huskies in November.

The circumstances have been the source of plenty of chatter among Metro League and college basketball fans.

Ahead of Nathan Hale’s 69-65 win over No. 2 Garfield on Friday, Roy appeared on the Dave “Softy” Mahler Show. The topic inevitably was brought up by Mahler, and Roy did his best to erase any doubts about the legitimacy of his roster.

On how Roy landed the Nathan Hale job…

“Me and, you know, Garfield’s coach Ed Haskins we’ve had a good relationships since I was a young kid. We talked about a few different ideas I didn’t necessarily want to start out at the high-school level as an assistant. I wanted to be a head coach, so a few people were just checking what jobs were out there. The Nathan Hale job was available.

“I’ll be honest, I was a Garfield Bulldog, so when the Porters — when the dad took the job — I was hoping they’d go to Garfield. I’d love to see them at the dog house.

“Jamaal Williams, you know, I played with him at UW, he called and said the Nathan Hale position was open. I asked Jamaal how were they last season? He went, ‘Ah, they were decent.’ And he didn’t quite tell me the whole truth. [laughs] So I reached out to the athletic director and said I’d like to apply for this job.”

On rumors of recruiting the Porters…

“I started hearing a lot of rumblings that with me being a coach at Nathan Hale that the Porters wanna go there because that’s their school district. But I had heard they’d been thinking private schools.

“But you know I can honestly I say I never spoke to Michael or Jontay or anybody until September of this year, when I got here … way after I took the job. The stories you hear of Brandon Roy recruiting those kids or any other kids is just totally wrong.

“I’d say the biggest recruiting advantage I have is doing these radio shows and talking about my team all the time. … As far as talking to kids, I don’t go ask kids to come play for me.”

Listen to the whole segment below. Roy’s above comments begin at the 3:30 mark.