Cornerback Kevin King’s one-handed interception Saturday night was the play of the year for the Huskies.

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We are taught from the day we enter the newsroom to avoid hyperbole at all costs. Superlatives should be sparse, exaggeration should be evaded — getting caught up in the moment must be sidestepped.

So with that in mind, here’s an indisputable truth: Cornerback Kevin King’s one-handed interception Saturday night was the play of the year for the Huskies.

Actually, King may have had the best interception in college football this year. Michigan’s Jourdan Lewis made a diving, one-handed pick against Wisconsin last month, but that was on the 45-yard line in the middle of the field. King, on the other hand, nabbed Arizona State quarterback Manny Wilkins’ pass in the northeast corner of the end zone and managed to get a foot down to stay in bounds.

“That might be Odell Beckham’s brother right there,” said Huskies receiver Chico McClatcher, whose team won 44-18.

“I was just in awe,” added safety Budda Baker.

And then there was linebacker Keishawn Bierria, who offered the highest of praises: “That’s first-round material.”

With the Huskies up 3-0 in the second quarter, King lined up against ASU receiver N’Keal Harry on third-and-seven from UW’s 10. King thinks Wilkins knew that it was going to be a one-on-one situation, so he figured the ball was coming his way.

King also assumed it was going to be a back shoulder fade route, but then realized Wilkins was going over the top.

“So I just stuck my hand out like it was warm-ups,” King said.

This wasn’t warm-ups, though. This was a conference game being played on senior night, meaning Kevin went out like a king. He didn’t even get a chance to see the replay because his teammates mobbed him.

“Everyone was going ‘duh duh duh, duh duh duh,” said King, mimicking the SportsCenter theme. “Honestly, it just felt like a regular play to me. But after I calmed down I was like ‘Damn, I just did that.’ ”

That interception would have been an all-time Husky highlight regardless of the score. In this case, though, it was the catalyst that ignited a Washington squad that had struggled for five straight quarters.

ASU, remember, started that drive on UW’s 13 after Jake Browning threw his second interception of the game. But after King’s pick? The Huskies reeled off 21 straight points to go into halftime with a 24-0 lead.

Bierria said that interception is what finally energized Husky Stadium. He added that when someone makes a play like that, it makes everyone on the team want to do something similar.

Sun Devils coach Todd Graham admitted the end of that drive was particularly costly for his team.

“I thought that was huge because we take the lead right there,” Graham said. “That was very, very tough.”

This wasn’t the first time King had an opportunity to make a one-handed snag in the end zone like that. He was in a similar situation against California and Utah, but opted to bat the ball away.

Bierria said he had been encouraging King to try and come down with the ball if ever placed in that situation again.

“I guess the third time’s a charm,” King said.

Despite the advice that he had given his teammate, Bierria was still shocked that King made that catch. Defensive lineman Elijah Qualls was not.

He’d seen King make similar plays in practice. He noted that King is a 6-foot-3 cornerback with one of the highest verticals on the team. So no, nothing about that catch was surprising to Qualls.

“But it was still cool as hell,” he said.

Perhaps the ultimate testament to King’s interception was the fact that one of the officials started talking to him about it later in the game. King said a ref asked him where it ranked on his personal interception list, and after a moment of reflection, he said that it had to be No. 1.

Not that King won’t have plenty of chances to top it. In addition to the two, possibly three games remaining on the Huskies schedule, King will likely play on Sundays one day, too. He will almost certainly be drafted next year, and probably raised his stock in Saturday’s win.

The play of the year just so happened to be the kick-start the Huskies needed. No exaggeration there. That’s just fact.