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UW golf

A title worth savoring

I much appreciated Scott Hanson’s piece on Mary Lou Mulflur and Washington women’s golf (“UW golfers, coach are golden,” May 27).

She really is just as genuine and caring with her students as the piece suggests, and I think Hanson captured it well.

Thanks for your coverage, this year in particular. It’s a wonderful program and deserves the attention it has received.

John Webster, Seattle

Unforgettable run

Thank you for the wonderful Take 2 column (“UW golfers, coach are golden,” May 27) about the UW women’s golf team.

How well Scott Hanson expressed this indescribably impressive accomplishment, by this team and its coach.

Especially loved the line:

“I have covered thousands of sporting events in the past 35 years, and all but a very few run together in my mind. … But I know I will never forget UW’s first national championship in golf.”

Mark Ulloa, Bainbridge Island

Strong start

Talk about hitting the ground running.

The first day Jennifer Cohen becomes the permanent athletic director (“Day 1 for new UW athletic director,” May 26), the UW wins an NCAA national championship in women’s golf (“Purple reign,” May 26).

Right choice, great start.

Doug Glant, Mercer Island


It’s not over until it’s over

Many thanks to Leonys Martin for his ninth-inning heroics Tuesday night (“Walkoff magic from Martin,” May 25).

It reminded me of Leo Lassen, erstwhile announcer for the old Seattle Rainiers, who often said, “The ballgame is never over until the last man is out.”

Still true today as it was so many years ago.

Ken Doak, Seattle

Buhner is tough to listen to

It was so sad that we couldn’t watch the walkoff victory Tuesday night because Jay Buhner was in the broadcast booth ruining the evening once again.

When will Root Sports get rid of him? Enough already.

Linda and Mike Harrington, Issaquah

Buhner needs to pay attention

It’s quite obvious Jay Buhner is not interested in the baseball game we are watching on our television. He is not a Rick Rizzs!

And if they are interviewing people, why can’t they do that before or after the game?

Paul Scherrer, Seattle


Appreciative of the coverage

Thrilled! That’s the word. I look in the paper and not only a picture, but the story of how the Storm did (“Storm falls, but gives Lynx a battle,” May 23).

(On a side note, the coverage of UW softball is great, too. I’ve enjoyed them in the past, on television.)

I’m 95 and don’t get to Seattle anymore. But I do appreciate the coverage. Thank you.

Bette J. Graham, Tacoma

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